Tree Top Adventure – Go Ape, Nottingham

Go Ape Nottingham
This post has been drafted with a few different opening sentences but i’m just going to leave this short sentence here and get straight to the point: Life’s too short. I remember hearing about Go Ape when i first moved to Nottingham for university. I got really excited at the idea of zip lining and climbing trees but for some reason i never put any plans into action… until now!… View Post

The super green tea diet

The super green tea diet - Holland & Barrrett
So over the last 6 weeks i’ve lost a decent amount of weight. Since cutting out crap, eating healthier and getting back in the gym i’ve actually lost 16 pounds. I’d hold any applause because you don’t realise how much weight you’ve gained until you lose 16 pounds and realise you could probably do with losing another stone. I lost 16 pounds through a healthier¬†diet and lifestyle – to clarify,… View Post

What I Eat In A Day

stuffed peppers recipe
Heyy! Apparently i’m in way too casual a mood to write a blog post so i’m starting in the way i’d send a text. Actually that’s not true i never put greetings in texts. Anyhow i’m going to do a ‘what i eat in a day’ blog post because these are my faves and i love food and i haven’t done a food post in ages and i miss WIAW’s.… View Post

‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

The Body Coach Lean In 15 book - Joe Wicks
I’ll level with you i had no clue who The Body Coach was until last weekend when someone showed me his books. With this in mind then this won’t be a fangirl review (apparently he has a lot of fans) this will actually be an honest review. I’ve never liked healthy cookbooks, most contain meals i don’t even want to look at you mind eat (i’m very picky) and most… View Post

Books that have caught my eye

So if you read my posts regularly you will know I’ve been using audio books when at the gym. I was listening to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone but now¬†it’s finished and I’ve been on the lookout for a new book. After much searching, I finally downloaded Dear Amy and while I haven’t started reading it yet, I’m really looking forward to it. Anyway in my search I found… View Post