Featured Meal: Courgetti Bolognese

Courgetti bolognese - healthy sauce recipe
One of my most favourite meals to eat at the moment is courgetti bolognese. I talked about courgetti being a better tasting healthy alternative to spaghetti in my previous post and i thought i’d continue the theme in today’s featured meal post and share a healthy bolognese recipe to accompany it. Ingredients: Turkey mince Onion Garlic cloves Tin¬†of tomatoes Tomato¬†puree Herbs of choice (basil, oregano, etc) Courgette Oxo cube I… View Post

Planet Bounce, Nottingham – Fitness or Fun?

planet bounce nottingham
For those who aren’t aware, Planet Bounce is an indoor trampolining park. It’s floors and walls are covered in trampolines of a variety of sizes and if bouncing isn’t enough fun, there’s also basketball and dodge ball stations. I went there lately so thought i’d do a write up for you guys. I used to be pretty decent at trampolining, i remember moaning at my family to get one for… View Post

5 easy healthy food swaps that actually taste better

healthy food swaps that taste better
I’m no dietician, i’m no fitness guru but upon my quest to start eating healthier, i’ve found some simple food swaps that are not only healthier but i think they taste better. I doubt this list of foods will be ground breaking, many of you will already realise these are healthy alternatives but how many people are still under the misconception that healthy foods have to taste like crap? I’m… View Post

Current skincare routine

current skincare routine
So my beauty posts are back by request and i thought i’d quite like to share with you what skincare products i’m currently using. I’ve used everything i’m using now for months and there’s a reason why i am repurchasing. Make up removal I like quick ways to remove my make up and normally i go for face wipes or micellar water. I often use my Simple face wipes or… View Post

Working out on a weekday vs weekend

the gym, nottingham
So i’m back at the gym and i’m eating healthy so there’s probably going to be a few health/fitness related posts popping up here and there. I’d forgot how much i actually loved working out until the other week when i went for a run. Exercise is far more than weight loss, it helps build strength and it’s great for clearing your head. Sometimes i struggle to find motivation for… View Post