Book Haul

I mentioned in my ‘What’s on my bookshelf?‘ post that i was trying to talk myself out of doing an Amazon splurge. It didn’t work, of course it didn’t, i started adding books to my basket the moment i pressed publish on the post. So what books am i looking forward to reading this month, let’s see shall we? The art of sleeping alone by Sophie Fontanel This book probably… View Post

September Favourites 16

I haven’t done a favourites in so long so let’s have an update of what i’m loving, wearing, eating and using shall we?! Zara boots. I bought some Zara boots recently and now i won’t wear any of my other boots. I really like them – they have a twist on the classic blank ankle boot, they’re comfy as hell and they have a slight heel that is really helpful… View Post

What’s on my bookshelf?

Right now i’m trying to persuade myself i don’t need to do a massive Amazon book splurge. I’m trying to tell myself i need to read the last batch of books i bought before i get anymore – it’s not going well. I’ve talked previously about my love for audio books but i’m over that stage now. I like audio books in Summer but i think in Winter there’s something… View Post

Don’t underestimate the importance of me time: The most relaxing Sunday routine

Well isn’t that the longest title ever. Truth is i couldn’t decide which one to name the post so there ya go. Anyway i had the most relaxing Sunday ever recently (this post has been drafted for longer than it should have been), i put myself first and really gave myself some down time doing all the things i enjoy. I don’t get too many slow days so this was… View Post

One week after signing up for a half marathon

So it’s been a week since I signed up for a half marathon so I thought I’d share my thoughts from the last week. If I’m honest I’ve been back and forth. There’s been plenty of ‘shit what have I got myself into’ moments, there’s also been plenty of giggles – the idea of me running a half marathon still amuses me so much so I find it difficult to… View Post