One week after signing up for a half marathon

So it’s been a week since I signed up for a half marathon so I thought I’d share my thoughts from the last week. If I’m honest I’ve been back and forth. There’s been plenty of ‘shit what have I got myself into’ moments, there’s also been plenty of giggles – the idea of me running a half marathon still amuses me so much so I find it difficult to… View Post

My thoughts on… Bridget Jones’s Baby

Imma cut straight to the chase here and tell y’all i flipping loved it! When producers release a sequel several years after a film’s success, i’m always sceptical. I was worried about Bridget Jones’s Baby for many reasons, firstly Renee looks completely different, secondly Hugh Grant wasn’t going to be involved, and thirdly where were they going to take the storyline and would it be good enough after all this time??… View Post

It happened again…

Ok let me rewind a couple of months. I was a couch potato (that’s actually not true but you get the point) who needed some motivation to get to the gym. So i signed up for a race for life in 3 weeks time in the hope it would force me to put my trainers on. It did exactly that, i started going to the gym three times a week and by… View Post

How not to let your diet slip when travelling

Eating clean is easy once you get yourself into a routine. But when you’re away from your routine it’s not that simple and actually it can be quite difficult to stay on track. You don’t need to be travelling or away from home, sometimes just doing something different in your day, like having a lunch late because a meeting ran over, can be enough of a disruption to make your… View Post

New & Exclusive Products – Superdrug launch, Nottingham

So a new Superdug store has opened in Nottingham right by the train station and i think that’s amazing. The last time i went to visit family i took the train and had a changeover in Sheffield. Now i’d forgotten to pack a lot of bits and pieces (mainly cosmetics) but luckily Sheffield station had a Superdrug store inside so i was able to fill my case with things i’d left… View Post