My weekend in pictures

This weekend i had a chilled homey weekend but i thought i’d share with you what i got upto. I love nosying at day in the life blog posts and i used to do them all the time on here, it’s been such a long time since i’ve actually done anything like this so i’m quite excited to create my storyboard for you’s. This weekend was one of my faves,… View Post

Christmas Gift Guide… For Everyone

I really enjoyed doing my Christmas gift guide posts last year (shopping duh) but this year i struggled with whether i should write one or not. You see i have bought some pretty amazing presents this year and while i want to share what i’ve bought everyone because they really are fab ideas, i don’t want to ruin any surprises. Anyway i’ve tried to skate around what i’ve actually bought… View Post

Why i choose my own Christmas presents

Do you know when you risk writing a post that makes you sound like a douche – ah well pretty much all of my posts come with that risk. I love that my favourite people know me well enough to accept that i don’t like surprises. I like being in control so when it comes to presents, they let me take the lead and choose what i want. I either… View Post

November Favourites

Ok so if you read yesterday’s last minute post you will have seen i’ve been deliberating over whether to do blogmas. I’m still on the fence but it’s day 2 and there’s a post so we’ll see how we get on. It’s going to be weird because i don’t have a lot of restraint when it comes to publishing my posts and i now have lots of ideas/drafts waiting to… View Post

To blogmas or not

I’m having a last minute crisis of whether I want to do blogmas or not. I said I’d done blogging for the year and I don’t want to force myself to do half hearted content but I haven’t blogged in a while and I love Christmas and I love watching people’s Vlogmas’ so I don’t know. It’s 7.46pm I have evening plans that I’m temporarily straying away from to write… View Post