20 meals you learn to cook in your twenties

I love a good old list as you know so i’m already in love with post. I thought of this post while i was eating (obv haa). As a teenager you rely on your mum’s cooking but as the twenty’s hit you and you move into your own place, there are certain meals you learn to cook. These are bog standard meals that everyone learns in their twenty’s… read on and see if it sounds familiar.


  1. Stir fry. Is this the first proper meal everyone learns to cook? A bit of meat, one of those bags of veg already prepped from Tesco and some noodles. Cheap and easy but we used a Wok and everything.
  2. Roast. Mums too far away now so eventually we learn to make our own roast. We even make our own homemade roast potatoes and yorkshire puds now as well. We also learn that our roasts can get us through any crisis. All we need is some stuffing and a crispy potato.
  3. Toad in the hole. Now we know how to make yorkshires we can make toad in the hole. Get us.
  4. Pasta bake. We’ve moved on from the student days of supernoodles – now we actually cook pasta and put it in the oven. We even sprinkle veg and herbs in there too. We’re the next Jamie Oliver obv.
  5. Baked jacket potatoes. We barely use the microwave now, we’re all about the oven. Our jackets are pro by 29.
  6. Salad. Ok i know its not really cooking but in our 20′s we discover the importance of greens and not just the lettuce on a McChicken sandwich.
  7. Stew. We have a slow cooker because we’re middle class now. Sure stew is the only thing we can do in it but hey we can cook stew now.
  8. Toastie. Ok so we actually just bought a toastie machine but still counts.
  9. Bangers and mash. We actually cook the mash too. In your twenty’s you actually go shopping for a potato mashing utensil… what do you even call these?roast dinner
  10. Shepherds pie. In your twenty’s you have guests over for dinner. This is impressive enough for them.
  11. Salmon because we’re healthy and shit. Ok we make this once with asparagus and then we realise we like meat not fish.
  12. Poached eggs/omlettes. We become quite the egg connoisseur in our twenty’s. We can do everything with eggs.
  13. Cookies/cakes/brownies. We learn to bake. We no longer buy Betty Crocker mixes where you just add water we have both kinds of flour in our cupboard. Woah.
  14. Burgers. From scratch. We even have a brush to baste the mince with egg.
  15. Nandos chicken. No we don’t get Nandos takeaway we actually make it ourselves.
  16. Steak. Yeh so in your twenty’s you actually learn to cook a mean steak and if you don’t learn anything else in life that’s ok because steak is all you need.
  17. Spag bol because you know its quick, cheap and easy. We’re not in our thirties yet, spag bol is a big meal for us.
  18. Pancakes. Like with a roast we’ve accepted we need to stand on our own too feet. By the end of our 20′s we can even flip them in the pan. Boom.
  19. Rice. No more boil in the bag, we boil rice in the pan. Get us hey.
  20. Fish finger sandwiches. Ok i know this is student food but in your twenty’s this food is still acceptable if you cook i at 2am after a night out. No more early morning takeaways, we go home and cook now. To be honest in your twenty’s you don’t go out much so those fish fingers stay in the freezer for a while.

There you go guys, 20 foods you learn to cook in your twenty’s. Am i right or am i right?