Too early for Christmas?

Hey guys, today I’m going to write a chatty post about whether it’s too early to talk about Christmas. Well I say it’s going to be a chatty post about this subject but to be honest if you’ve seen any of my tweets lately you will know I am already bias on this topic and it’s probably going to be excited babble. Whatever gets written as my excited fingers smash at the keys might not even be comprehendible so there’s a chance it won’t even make it to a post. Anyway we’ll see where we end up.

Guys it’s September!! There’s less than 4 months til Christmas and it’s getting cold. Autumn/Winter is upon us and I’m too excited. I didn’t think I liked the colder seasons because I definitely can’t stand the cold but turns out I’m fangirling this year. I know it’s still 4 months away and to be honest we haven’t even had a proper summer yet but when the weather worsens and the kids go back to school, you know time is going to fly and we’ll be soon putting the tree up, listening to The Pogues and lighting cinnamon candles. Eeek.

I’m normally a spring/summer person. I love showing off my pedicures, buying fresh flowers (I opt for candles rather than flowers in winter) and wearing cute floral prints. This year I haven’t really bought into it though. Maybe because it’s been too hot (I’m never satisfied with the weather, I’m one of the moaners who cries when it’s too cold and acts like the end of the world when we have a bit of sunshine). I think the latter end of the year is more exciting for me right now because there’s so much to look forward to. Spring/summer sure you have your festivals and holidays but I haven’t done either of those this year. Winter however I’m looking forward to Christmas, New Year (my favourite night of the year anyway), Halloween, Bonfire Night, Goose Fair (Nottingham peeps will get me). It seems like there’s so much to look forward and I can’t wait. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself and maybe I’ll have overdone it with the Christmas hype in the next few weeks that when the 25th December comes I’ll just turn into Scrooge. I don’t know but right now I’m on the Countdown to Christmas. I’m excited and I think I’ve said that a zillion times already in this post already but ah well.

Anyway to make myself more excited and since i’ve refound my love for lists after my bucket list post, here’s what I’m most looking forward to this year!!

  • Christmas Shopping. I have a very awkward attitude towards present receiving, it makes me feel sick but present giving is something I actually adore. I love making my loved ones happy and buying them something they really want. I’m excited to go shopping and to be honest I already know what I’m getting a lot of people. I actually decided when shopping in the January sales but I didn’t buy the gifts then just in case.
  • New Years. I think I’ve kept my love of New Year’s to Facebook over the years but to me New Year’s Eve has the magic what Disney World has to a three year old.
  • Christmas Day. I’ve talked going away for Christmas or staying home and going out for Christmas dinner but I’m so reluctant because I love making my own dinner. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the year.
  • Putting the tree up. Lighting candles, listening to Christmas music (in November – eager beaver :)) and putting the tree up. Ahhhh.
  • Vlogmas.
  • Goose Fair. This is a fun fair event that comes to Nottingham every year and I have the best time with my favourites every year. It’s become a tradition.
  • Bonfire Night. Pretty fireworks and a beer around the fire. Yes please.
  • Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and I’m determined I’m going out. I’ll probably do a post with fancy dress ideas nearer the time. See winter is inspiring my blog already.
  • Snuggly jumpers, skinny jeans and cute boots. One of my favourite outfits.
  • Hot water bottles. I have the best hot water bottle collection so can’t wait to get the kettle on. To be honest I’m getting it out in the next few days anyway, it’s freezing right now. Haaa watch when I put this post up I bet the sun will be blazing now I’ve said that.
  • Boxing Day football. I know football is on every weekend but there’s something about having a big fat Christmas dinner (take 2) and then going to the pub for a beer and the football. Yess for this!!!
  • Potentially snow. When your feet crunch fresh snow… ah bliss.
  • Special London trip
  • Advent calendars. I’m already decided I’m getting the Ciate one this year.

Well sorry (not sorry) for the winter fuelled ramble but now it’s out my system we can regain sanity, if we ever had it, here on the blog. See you next time… C. xx