Post night out rituals

So you guys know i went out out last night, i mentioned it in my family times post, but as i lay here in my recovery state with a somewhat sore head it got me thinking about my post night out rituals. There are several things i always do after a night out and i’m sure many of you do the same so i’ve put together a little post. Enjoy.

1. Check your handbag. Firstly it’s a good sign we’ve brought a handbag home and it looks familiar so we’ve brought the right one back yay. Now million dollar question is our ID and bank card in there…phew!

2. Check how much money we have left. Ok a few pounds isn’t too bad right? I mean i only took £40 in cash out so that’s not too bad.

3. Check your bank balance. My head is saying i drank more than £40 worth of drinks… ah yep i paid by card for a few rounds. I can’t wait for my bank statement to show me where i went last night…

4. Phone checks. Texts not looking too bad, phone calls not too bad, whatsapp fine (bar a few mistyped, over-affectionate messages in the whatsapp group), facebook… twitter… Hmmm. Seems my ‘professionalism’ on social media attitude got taken over by a caring is sharing attitude. Where’s that delete button… oh great a few likes on that post…DELETE!!!

5. Check the mirror. Yep i left my make up on last night and i now look like Joker from Batman. Fit!

6. What time is it? Damn it’s too late for a mcds breakfast, ah who am i kidding i couldn’t handle real life right now, where’s the water and paracetemol.

7. Washing your hair. Washing your hair after a night out is the best feeling in the world. I’m not sure how half my cocktail works it’s way into my locks but it’s become our little tradition. A double shampoo after this though and your hair never feels cleaner.

8. Post night clean up. Why does it always seem a good idea to have predrinks at mine. My house now looks as if it’s been trashed. Oh there’s that burger you had last night… half eaten… just sitting there… looking… Vom! I’m not ready for this… back to bed for a bit.

9. The obligatory texts. Why did you let me get that drunk last night? I’m on a diet, why did you let me get that burger? What the F happened last night? How did we get home? You know the drill.

10. Oh shit the pictures. We’ll leave this one to the imagination.

Sound familiar this morning? I’m with ya!