Making a bucket list

I wanted to do a bucket list but rather than doing your standard list i thought i’d do a making your bucket list post so we can look at the thought process behind what i chose. It might offer some useful tips for anyone looking how to create their own bucket list. Ready steady go…

Places I Want To Go…

One of the common things you see on everyone’s bucket lists is places they want to go. I haven’t really been to that many places to be honest. I holidayed in the same part of Spain every year growing up because my family met friends over there. This leaves a lot of options then for places i’d like to go. I guess studying history and watching Mary Kate and Ashley films growing up i always wanted to visit Paris and Rome. There is something rather magic about these two cities in my mind so they’d be top of my list. Travel isn’t top of bucket list however, i like holidaying but i’m a home girl. I love Britishness so after two weeks abroad i get a bit homesick. I’m also not your traditional traveller. I like staying in hotels and couldn’t imagine myself doing the backpacking thing or sleeping on a beach. I’m more of a package holiday kinda gal then. My top three destinations i would like to visit would be:

  • Rome
  • Paris
  • New York

Learning A New Skill…

Some people dream of playing an instrument (the piano is always a common favourite), taking up horse riding or learning a new language. I always thought one day i might learn a language and i did play with the idea when i found some online resources. I’m not really the type of person to dedicate themselves to learning a new skill though if i’m honest. I like baking but i wouldn’t go on a cookery course as such. I like trying new things but i don’t feel a need to perfect things so i can call them a skill. I just like trying lots of different things. Having said these are my skill choices:

  • Learning a language
  • Pole dancing. I’ve played with this before but never gave it a good enough attempt. I’d quite like to spend some times doing this and learning some actual moves.

Things I Want To Do:

This is easier for me than the hobby/skill section. Rather than getting involved in one activity i can repeat over, i like doing one off cool things that are different… if that makes any sense. This will be a slightly longer list because there is so much i want to go out and actually do:

  • Write a novel.
  • Read all the classic literary novels – Austen, Bronte, etc.
  • Become a season ticket holder at Anfield.
  • See Liverpool win a Premier League title… It could happen… One day…
  • Go to one of them indoor trampolining places where the walls are bouncy. I’m doing this soon there’s one now in Nottingham.
  • Spend New Year in Scotland.
  • Visit Shakespeare country.
  • Drive on a scooter in Rome. You know Mary Kate & Ashley style. I loved their movies growing up k?!
  • Go in a hot air balloon. I would never find the balls to do a skydive and never in a million years would i do a bungee jump but hot air balloon i could do. I think this is a cute idea… now on paper
  • Indoor sky dive. It’s safer isn’t it but looks pretty cool.
  • Rock climbing outdoors somewhere. Rock climbing is fun.
  • Do a 10k run. I’ve run a 5k before when i was fit but it would be quite nice to run a full 10km. To be honest it would be nice to be fit enough to run a 10km haha.
  • Go skiing.
  • Take part in a big charity event/ do something incredible for Alzheimer’s Society. No extreme sports or marathons though.
  • Speak at an event.
  • Go out one day and do a full Gok Wan makeover. Just for fun.
  • Do a masters degree or do something study related but do it just for me. I want to learn something completely unrelated to my career and just purely because i’m interested in it. Potentially ancient history related.
  • Go on a road trip randomnly.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Potentially act in a play. I used to love drama and always thought i’d take up this as hobby.
  • Take a picture in one spot every month of the year. I quite like this idea.
  • Have a meaningful chat with someone who needs it.
  • Fly in a helicopter.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • Visit as many historical places in England as possible.
  • Go to a Wrestlemania in America.
  • Try surfing.
  • Jet skiing. Water sports appeal to me.
  • Zip line ride. I love this and it doesn’t scare me like jumping out of a plane does.
  • Learn to dance on ice. Always been a major thing i really want to do. Ever since Torvill & Dean created their ITV series.
  • Meet someone i admire.
  • Pose with the wax museum characters.
  • Do the Harry Potter Tour in London.
  • Take a cocktail making class. A proper one so i can make my friend a drink that won’t give her alcohol poisoning.
  • Go on a bike ride in Paris. It’s been a long while since i’ve done a bike ride.
  • Go on a gondola in Venice.
  • Visit a lighthouse.
  • Go to Coachella.

Realistic Things I Want To Achieve:

I see most of the things on my bucket list as realistic but some will take longer to fulfil and some are out of my hands. For example Liverpool winning a fricking Premier League title. This is why i wanted a category for realistic things i could do in the not so distant future. This is a great category idea for bucket lists because it helps you turn your dreams into realities. It allows you to outline tasks that are manageable and you can see from this section that they can be achieve. It’s great for motivation.

  • Start a regular fitness class.
  • Get married.
  • Achieve career goals.
  • Buy my own house.
  • Go back to the track and start doing athletics again.

Things Not On My Bucket List:

I’m not judging these activities, these just aren’t for me i’m afraid. I think its a goood idea to outline things you don’t want to do, it’s just as educating to learn what you don’t like as it is to discover what you dream about.

  • Extreme Sports
  • Marathon Running
  • Wine Appreciation. I like wine a lot but i don’t ever want to become a connoisseur, i just want to enjoy a glass of wine without sniffing or playing with it.
  • Camping. Bugs… no no, cold… no no. It’s not for me.
  • Get a tattoo. They don’t appeal to me personally.
  • Attend a high school reunion. I always thought i’d like to but i didn’t love school and i’m over it. I’m in a happy place and i don’t see a point in reliving the past.

My personal bucket list then. I don’t expect anyone to agree with my choices but i think they make interesting posts. There’s a few tips here as well for anyone thinking of creating their own, albeit online or on paper. Until next time then… C. xx