Cineworld cards: are they worth it?

So it’s coming up a year since i signed up for a cineworld unlimited card and i have to make a decision whether i want to keep it or not. I thought i’d make the decision on my blog so you guys can also see whether they’re worth the money.

Now a cineworld card involves you paying around £16 a month on a 12 month contract and in return you get free standard cinema tickets to as many films as you want – if you want to see 3d films you have to pay an extra very small fee. You also receive other discounts such as:

  • 25% off at Frankie and Benny’s restaurants
  • 25% off at Chiquitos
  • 25% off at Pizza Hut
  • 10% off food and drink inside the cinema
  • Invitations to earlier screenings for upcoming films

The Price

£16 per month might seem like a lot but if you like to go to the cinema a lot or you go at least twice a month, then you will make your money back. I thought twice a month was excessive and this was my main worry about getting a cineworld card – i didn’t think i’d go enough. I was one of those people who would go when a film, i liked the look of, came out – but i soon realised this actually averaged out at once a month. When i got my card i also made the effort to go to the cinema more – because i could go as much as i wanted, i did.

One of the things i like about having this card is if you’re having a month where you have to be a bit tighter on budget, this is already paid for so you can still get out of the house and do something. It’s an  already paid for activity.

I also like the fact it’s forced me to go to the cinema more – whereas i’d just watch a movie on Netflix at home, i now go see something new and different at the cinema. It’s a good way to get out of the house and i really benefit because i live very close to a cineworld cinema.

The Discounts

I wouldn’t get an unlimited card purely for the discounts. I mean they’re a nice extra but i never really used them that much. The restaurant discounts are ok but they’re not places i would personally go to a lot. If you like pizza, i don’t, i imagine the Pizza Hut discount would probably be a highlight.

So am i renewing?

I am. Like i said above it’s nice having an activity that’s already paid for that you can just go to whenever you feel like it. I also like that it’s forcing me to go to the cinema more. How many times, when you go see a film, do you watch the trailers and say ‘oo that looks good, i want to see that’ and then never actually go? I used to do it a lot but now i’m actually going to see the movies.


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  1. Charlotte April 11, 2016 / 1:16 pm

    i love my cineworld unlimited card!! We have ended up going to a few films several times just because we could (Legend and Deadpool were highlights for us) and we take advantage of going to all the unlimited screenings and tend to find films we wouldnt normally see but end up really enjoying!

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