10 timeless movies i could never get bored of watching

This post really needs no explanation. It’s just something i was thinking about last night. When i refer to timeless movies, i mean movies i could literally put on right now or at any other point in time and literally not mind. They’re my go to movies all the time because they’re such easy watching.

  1. The first movie that instantly came to mind was Harry Potter. I watch this at least ten times a year, every now and again i’ll be discussing what movie to watch and Harry Potter will be the go to choice. My favourite is actually the last film although i love the 1st because of the pure innocence behind the characters.
  2. Bridget Jones. I  am a massive fan of rom coms, this is my genre of choice so how could i not include Bridget Jones in the list. Bridget Jones is just such easy watching and it’s great for those fat days or when you’re feeling a it crap about yourself.
  3. Princess Diaries. This might seem a bit of a weird choice but i loved watching this on the Disney channel when i was younger. It reminds me of those teenage years and the storyline’s a bit cute isn’t it.
  4. The devil wears prada. This is one of my fave films, i love it. I love the fashion, i love the strong female characters, i just love this movie. If you put this on to watch right now, i would not moan at all.
  5. High School Musical/ Grease/ Mamma Mia. I love a musical, i used to wish my life was a musical. These three are my faves so i had to include them on my list. My fave songs from these are When there was you and me, There are worse thing’s i could do, Slipping through my fingers and The winner says it all. You’ve got to love a bit of cheese every now and again.
  6. 10 things i hate about you and any of those 90s films with Julia Stiles. She did some amazing rom com films when i was growing up. I think this film is a timeless fave of pretty much every girl.
  7. Wolf of wall street. I love that Leo finally got his Oscar this year, i stayed up and waited for the moment but he should have had it years ago for his role in wolf of wall street. I flipping love this film. It’s amazing and his acting in this is just genius.
  8. Sex and the city. From the TV shows to the movies, the gorgeous girls will always hold a place in my heart.
  9. Friends with benefits. I was going to say No strings attached which is pretty much the same movie but i preferred the JT and Mila take.
  10. Coyote Ugly. I always forget how much i love this until i see it advertised on TV every year and immediately feel the need to drop everything, watch it and sing along to Leann Rimes. This is an amazing movie.

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  1. Miriam April 17, 2016 / 10:27 am

    Harry Potter <3 I will love them till the end haha. I also will NEVER tire of the back to the future movies or the goonies 🙂

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