Working out on a weekday vs weekend

So i’m back at the gym and i’m eating healthy so there’s probably going to be a few health/fitness related posts popping up here and there. I’d forgot how much i actually loved working out until the other week when i went for a run. Exercise is far more than weight loss, it helps build strength and it’s great for clearing your head.

Sometimes i struggle to find motivation for the gym, especially in winter months it can seem somewhat a chore to leave the warmth of the house. Coming home from work in the dark and cold – the last thing i want to do is go to the gym. I always seem to forget about the aftermath of a workout however – that accomplished feeling that makes you feel great about yourself (and in desperate need of a shower ;)). Anyway since getting back to the gym i’m feeling good and i’m really enjoying it. I always do at this time of year however, i just hope this post reminds me of this come winter.

I wanted to do a post about the gym today for two reasons – one it’s been a big part of my week this week and i also wanted to share with you my new find for motivation. For today’s post i thought i’d start by comparing working out on a weekend to a weekday and look at which is better in my opinion.

I like going to the gym in the week – weekday plans can be a bit quieter so it’s nice to have something to fill your time. Working out in the week also frees up our weekend so you can focus on lie ins and other plans. I like at the moment coming from work in daylight and going to the gym – it feels like my days are longer and i get some time to myself at the end of the day. Gymming in the week is also great for destressing after a long day. There’s a lot of pros to weekday workouts. If you’re more into fitness classes, there seems to be more available in the week as well.

Having said that, Sunday morning fitness is my new favourite thing. 7am breakfast, 8am at the gym, home for a shower and then i have a full day to spare. How often do you wake up on a Sunday and get consumed by ‘it’s Monday tomorrow feelings’. I think it’s so easy to lose Sundays to chill time because it’s the day of rest and shops are closed earlier. Only shops aren’t closed that early, most places are open and there’s a lot of productive things you can do with a Sunday. Having chilled Sundays can be great but that doesn’t have to be all you do with them. If you get up early enough you can have a 2 day weekend instead of 1 nice day and a laid back, dreading Monday day – that’s why i now love going for early Sunday morning weekends. It’s also a nice treat to go to the gym in the morning because i can’t do that in the week.

I would consider the busyness of the gym in this post but to be honest it’s all about the time you go. If you go straight after work – arriving at 5.30/6pm – you reach peak time. If you go 10am – midday on a weekend it’s always busy then too – well it is at my gym.

For me then there’s pros to both but at the moment i much prefer a weekend workout – it stops me moping about and wasting my weekend. I’m up and raring to go. Having said that i also go in the week so i benefit from both. I like filling up my week and clearing my head after a long day.

One of the other things i wanted to talk to you about in today’s post is my new gym motivation. I’m the type of person who can’t listen to music playlists. Even if it’s the best playlist in the world with all my one time favourite songs, it will bore me. I only ever have one fave song at a time and i will listen to this on repeat, at the gym however one song is not enough. If i’m going to listen to a mix of music i have to sit my phone going through the playlist and often cutting songs off half way because i can’t wait to listen to the old school number i just found. I’m annoying as hell when i listen to music and because of my indecisiveness i find it hard to concentrate at the gym with music. Have you tried flicking through spotify every 2 secs on a treadmill – never ends well.

So earlier in the week i saw, somewhere in the social sphere, someone had downloaded the Harry Potter audio book. Game changer. I’d never tried audio books before, i was very sceptical to be honest because i like the smell of new books – i like the downtime of reading a book. However reading can get tossed aside easily for me, it doesn’t become a priority when i’m busy. I thought i’d try Audible and when i heard you could get Harry Potter on there i was very excited. I haven’t read Harry Potter in ages and even better Stephen Fry is the guy doing the voice. I actually downloaded this for my commute but i put it on at the gym and it helped me concentrate. I worked out harder and for longer because i had something constant in my ears that i didn’t want to turn off or change up. I was happy listening to the story and because i knew how the story played out i could also concentrate on my routine.

It’s actually strange listening to the Harry Potter books again, i haven’t read them since i was a kid but i have watched the films numerous times since then. It’s eye opening to see or hear in my case the difference between the book version and film version. I’m really really enjoying it. I got the Audible free trial to see what i thought but i think i’m going to remain signed up – despite my earlier thoughts i actually think audio books are a great thing.

So yeah this week i’m loving my Harry Potter audio books and the gym. Gymming on a Sunday morning also gets a thumbs up from me.