The positives of working out by yourself

Having a fitness buddy is great for motivation and encouragement but it’s not always viable. Working out on your own can be a scary concept especially if you are new to the gym or you’ve never really looked at fitness activity before. It can help in these scenarios to have support by your side while you become accustomed to your surroundings and get yourself into a routine. However working out by yourself isn’t a bad thing and while it can be daunting, there are actually a lot of positives involved in exercising by yourself.

  1. Flexibility. When you go to the gym with someone else, you have to work around their schedules as well as your own. This is fine but if you go by yourself, you get the benefit of spontaneous sessions where you actually feel motivated. Scheduled gym sessions can sometimes feel a bit of a chore but going when you feel a spontaneous burst of energy can be really rewarding. You also can stay as long as you want, because you are not dependent on your partner. If you’re not feeling it one session you don’t have to wait around you can just leave and come back whenever – going by yourself allows you to focus on yourself and when you’re working out this can be crucial. Everyone’s health and fitness journey is very different and you need to remember that.
  2. Me time. I love going to the gym with my headphones on and blocking out the world. There’s a time for socialising but i like the gym to be a bit of me time. I can just think about life and chill and feel serene. Exercise is great for the mind and being by yourself allows you to clear your head.
  3. Learning curve. When you go to the gym or a class by yourself for the first time you will probably at some point do something wrong. Whether that’s lifting the weights wrong, using the equipment slightly different or not grasping a move. The great thing is that it’s a learning curve for yourself and you don’t have anyone else to focus on and no pressure from anyone else. I’m not saying having a partner is off-putting because fitness buddies have many benefits also but you don’t have to worry about keeping up with anyone else, you can go at your own pace and figure things out for yourself – remember everyone has their own journey.
  4. Make new friends. Going to a class by yourself can be great for meeting new people. There is a social element to fitness classes and when you go by yourself you lose the comfort blanket and reach out to others more.
  5. Take it more seriously. There’s been times when i’ve been to the gym with friends and it’s become a catch up session. I’ve sat on the bike and had a natter for longer than i should and exercise has been lost to socialising. When you go on your own you can take it more seriously – there are less distractions and you can focus on the activity more.

So this post isn’t intended to dismiss work out partners because they have just as many positives. Instead it is intended to take away the stigma from working out on your own. It doesn’t have to be a scary experience, there can be some great benefits. If you are worried about signing up to the gym on your own, i hope this post helps and offers some encouragement.