Race For Life 2016

Race For Life 2016

When i was 17 myself and some college friends decided to do Race for Life. Back then i was relatively fit, very good at athletics and i had a half decent body shape. Fast forward to 2016 and here i am, lone wolf who decided to sign up three weeks ago as motivation to go to the gym. To be fair it’s worked. I’ve been going to the gym three times a week and i’ve stopped hiding from the treadmill. I mean i’m still not fit in the slightest but progress and all that.

One of the biggest motivations in life, for me personally but i guess for a lot of others too, is to have something to aim for. I’m not stupid a 5k is a ridiculously easy run, the Race For Life environment is far too casual for it to be taken seriously but it’s all i needed to get my arse in gear. Having something to strive for really helps your get up and go. 3 weeks ago i would never have got to the gym, i’d have still been making excuses sat on the sofa but knowing how competitive i am, having a target actually got me to put the trainers on my feet.

I did look at other running events for motivation, some a lot further away than 3 weeks, but i didn’t just choose the Race For Life as a fitness incentive. You see i love the concept of the Race For Life, the fight against cancer rings home to me and i think it’s an amazing event that brings a nation of women together. I actually can’t believe it’s been 7 years since i did this event, that’s crazy how time flies. I wish i’d had done more of these races over the years but i guess life got in the way. Anyway if i’ve remembered to schedule this post, at the time this went live, i’m probably sweating in the middle of a field realising just how unfit i am – hopefully there’s a bit of sun out though. I’m actually really looking forward to today. The Race For Life is an event like no other, the spirit and inspiration is incredible and if you’re a woman who has never participated go sign up for next year. It’s an experience all women should have and you don’t need to be a runner, you can literally turn up and walk with your child. It’s not about how fast you finish, it’s the taking part that counts (and for once that sentiment is actually true).

I thought i’d finish this post with a few tips for any one who is running the Race For Life for the first time because taking part in the unknown can be a daunting experience – especially if you’re doing it on your own.

  • Take safety pins with you. Or pin your number before you go to the race. Safety pins are like golddust at an event – you need to take enough for yourself because although they registration desk might have a few spare there’s not enough for everyone.
  • Take a bottle of water. Regardless of what fitness activity you are doing, however light or intense, make sure you have a bottle of water with you. Keeping hydrated is very important.
  • If you’re on your own don’t take excess things. If you have support with you they can keep hold of a chnage of clothes. money, house keys, phone, etc – but if you’re on your own you have to carry it all and you don’t want much weight when you’re in an event. Leave as much as you can at home.
  • Enjoy the day, The Race For Life isn’t a scary competitive running event, it’s  about women getting together to do something special for a great cause. The spirit of the day is inspirational – enjoy the vibes.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. I imagine this is common sense but even if you only plan to walk, don’t wear sandals and jeans – be comfortable in trainers and fitness gear (or you know other comfies).