The women who made me…

So the other day i was reading Glamour magazine and saw a cool feature called ‘The women who made me’. Apparently the Glamour team ask various female celebrities which women have impacted their life – i guess in an idol type of way.

I thought this would make a cool blog post so i racked my brain and tried to come up with a list of women who have inspired me over the years. It’s actually a lot harder than you might think or it was for me because i’ve never really idolised anyone – i didn’t grow up dreaming of being like a certain person. What i’ve based my choices on for this post is women i have admired over the years for various reasons. These women might not seem exceptional to you but at some point in time these women have meant something to me.

I really like the idea behind this post because it reminds me of this quote:
Girls compete with each other, women empower one another.

I think this is a great post for celebrating great women.

Victoria Beckham.

I didn’t have to think for long about this choice. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for VB. I really admire her as a business woman. She has created her own empire and i think it’s great how she balances everything with her work and family life. She is very hands on in every aspect of her life, from spending time with her kinds to setting up a new store or making a new range, despite her successes. I think that’s what keeps her successful, she doesn’t take anything for granted and always aims higher.

I also love how she presents herself. Her business mindset has allowed her to overcome her WAG stereotype and her girlband past. She has achieved her own status in the fashion industry and created a powerful image. I actually love the public false image – this ‘miserable cow’ persona that allows her to keep a part of her personality for herself and her family. In public she keeps a stern face and pouts but behind close doors her friends say she is the funniest person they know. She’s created a brilliant persona that allows her to separate her spheres.

Paula Radcliffe.

I watched her do her thing growing up and i always admired her courage and determination. She’s a great athlete but i also find her spirit admirable. I always had a deep sense of admiration for British athletes growing up mainly because i had my own love of athletics.

JK Rowling.

I love her back story. What she managed to achieve – to create for herself is extraordinary. In fact what she managed to create for a generation of readers and film watchers is incredible. Everyone knows her name and deservedly so, she’s made a big impact on a lot of people’s lives. It only seems just to name her on this list, a very talented woman.

Jane Austen.

Her writing and creativity was extraordinary, especially when you consider her circumstances. Her literary works will always be somewhat an inspiration for me. Pride and Prejudice remains one of my favourite stories to date.

Emma Watson.

I love that she was the teen actor that kept a clean image. Growing up with plenty of teen idols to choose from, it was sad to watch a lot go down the wrong paths. Emma Watson however chose education and a career above all else. I also think it’s amazing how she uses her position to be a voice for gender equality. I think she’s a great role model.

Sarah Millican.

This is probably an odd choice but Sarah’s Christmas #joinin campaigns fill me with pride. She uses her social following to unite people who are spending Christmas alone. It’s a selfless campaign she started and i really admire her for that.