‘Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

The Body Coach Lean In 15 book - Joe Wicks

I’ll level with you i had no clue who The Body Coach was until last weekend when someone showed me his books. With this in mind then this won’t be a fangirl review (apparently he has a lot of fans) this will actually be an honest review. I’ve never liked healthy cookbooks, most contain meals i don’t even want to look at you mind eat (i’m very picky) and most contain ingredients i wouldn’t even know where to look for. I think a lot of fitness gurus take for granted their knowledge and create books that are not for the average Joe. With an insight into my scepticism let’s see what i thought of this book.

Despite my negative build up i actually love this book and i don’t say that lightly. This is more than a cook book, it explains how you should change your lifestyle if you want to be healthier. It offers tips on what foods you need to buy and how to restock your cupboards with basic ingredients you will continually reuse. It talks about the foods you should be eating but not in a preachy way – Joe is real, he says there is nothing wrong with white carbs, drinking alcohol(ish) and says you need to eat some fat. He’s not an extremist he gets it, you shouldn’t cut everything out and he discusses how you can balance the bad with the good. I can get on with someone like this – he seems to understand normal people.

There’s also exercise tips and plans in the book. He shows with pictures an exercise plan for you to follow that will work and he even shows before and after pictures from his own clients that prove it works. He includes his own meal plan and makes recommendations for you. There’s also space in there for you to create your own meal and training plan.

This book is more than recipes although it is a cook book and recipes it has a plenty. Now the recipes i think are great and more worthwhile for me than the other elements of the book. Most take 15 minutess to make, involve only a few realistic ingredients (so you don’t have to spend £100 at Tesco) – ingredients that you will also be familiar with and the meals are healthier versions of food you probably already eat. For example spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, burgers and curry are all in this book. Real meals for real people with realistic ingredients – this is a book for normal people and i bloody love that.

Joe Wick’s has just released his second book and although i’ve been through both books i only bought the first. I thought this had more meals that i would actually cook. The second book i don’t feel like i need yet because there’s enough in the first book for me right now. I should probably tell you more about the type of recipes in the book, it covers snacks, breakfast ideas, lunch, dinners, smoothies and desserts. It has low carb meals and carb-fuelled meals – the latter is recommended for post fitness sessions.

The book unusually contains everything – a wide range of recipes for every meal, fitness tips, before and after shots and lessons on how you should eat if you want to be healthier. Like i said at the start i’m not a fan of healthy cookbooks but this i’d recommend you give a try. I was actually impressed.