The super green tea diet

So over the last 6 weeks i’ve lost a decent amount of weight. Since cutting out crap, eating healthier and getting back in the gym i’ve actually lost 16 pounds. I’d hold any applause because you don’t realise how much weight you’ve gained until you lose 16 pounds and realise you could probably do with losing another stone.

I lost 16 pounds through a healthier diet and lifestyle – to clarify, by saying diet i am referring to my entire food consumption not by going on ‘a diet’. I don’t believe in fad diets, ‘diet’ by definition simply means your food intake. Don’t get me started on a rant about fad diets. Anyway since losing that weight, i started thinking it would be nice to lose another 10 pounds/stone to get back to my uni weight and tone up some flabby bits i really don’t want to see. Now my plan of action for doing so is to carry on with my diet, i have a good balance that seems to be working for me, and up my exercise routine slightly. Nothing major because i’m happy with the way things are going.

Having said that since i’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet, recently i’ve been starting to feel a bit more tired. I was chatting to my brother the other day and he told me about the ‘green tea diet’. I don’t do fad diets but i wanted to see what the kids were talking about these days so decided to google it. Turns out the green tea diet is a food supplement tablet – although it’s not actually a supplement because you still eat alongside it. It recommends you take them alongside a reduced calorie diet and exercise program which seems fine.

Now i hate taking tablets so i wouldn’t take anything lightly but after reading about them i was actually very intrigued. Green tea is great for detoxing and clearing out your system but these tablets reported to help you burn fat faster and give you more energy. The caffeine fix i thought would be great for helping me get out of my afternoon slump and after reading the reviews where people said it did help them work out for longer at the gym, i thought there was no harm in giving them a go. Btw i don’t believe in buying any tablets off the internet, these tablets are from Holland and Barrett – it’s about £10 for 60 and you take 2 max a day so they will last around a month.

The super green tea diet - Holland & Barrrett

So for a different blog post, i thought i’d share my first impressions of these tablets and give you an honest insight as to whether the actually work.

Day 1

I ate quite late the night before (9.30pm which is way too late for me, i normally eat 6pm at the latest) and woke up at 9am (very long lie in for me on a weekend) so i decided to skip breakfast. I had planned to do a morning workout at home – high intensity cardio – so i thought this would be the perfect test. I took a tablet as soon as i got up and decided to give it half hour or so to kick in. I started to feel an adrenaline rush so i got my gear on and set up my workout mat. Exercise was fine as normal, i wouldn’t say it helped me in that way although my heart was certainly pumping faster (when your heart raises to a certain level it’s easier to burn fat). I did feel the effects of the tablet for several hours after however. The adrenaline continued. I don’t drink coffee but i imagine after drinking a few cups in a row it would feel like this. I was talking faster, moving faster and had a lot more energy – so much so i was slightly shaking. The bottle recommends you take a tablet mid morning and mid afternoon but not after 4pm if you have trouble sleeping. I decided the energy fix from the 9am tablet was enough for the day so i decided i only needed one to begin with. Opinions after day 1 then i don’t really know about the whole weight loss aspect.  I would say they do help with energy though which is the only reason i’m actually trying these.

Day 2

Mixed reviews about the tablets today. I felt seriously sick and dizzy after taking them. You know when you eat a humongous meal and feel all sick and bloated well i felt like that after half a bowl of bran flakes. I was going to stop taking them there and then but thought i’d try the afternoon tablet and give it a full day attempt. Now after the pm tablet i felt fine. I also had a very productive and busy day where anything seemed possible and i shouldn’t have had the energy i did to do everything i did. I overexerted myself but i had the energy to do so without feeling strained. I also had what feels like an accelerated weight loss on day 2 but i’m not sure if this was the tablets or my increase at the gym. I’m going to try these tablets for a bit longer to see what happens. One thing is for certain, i have a lot more energy when taking them.

Day 3

A bit of a sick feeling after taking them this morning , although not as bad so maybe they’re growing on me. Again it was that bloated indigestion feeling after eating a massive meal but maybe that feeling is to stop you eating as much? Day 3 was a work day and i was most eager to try them for this purpose. I had a productive day and didn’t fall into an afternoon slump for a change. I felt good especially for a Monday and i think they helped with that. I’m keeping an eye on the scales and i think they might be helping to be honest although its too early to say yet.

Overall opinion

So i’ve tried these tablets for three very different days, one a home workout weekend day in which i only took one tablet, two was a gym and very intense busy day, three was a no exercise work day. As this is only a first impressions post and we’ve headed over the 1,000 word mark i’m going to round this review up and give you a run down of what i’m thinking so far. So i think it’s early days to tell about weight loss element although i have lost 3lbs in 3 days on the tablets – this could be down to the workouts i’ve been doing though to be fair. One of the things i have noticed however and i will give the tablets credit for is the energy boast. These have helped so much and i noticed the difference immediately. I’m going to keep trying these for a few more days to see if they do help with weight loss but if not, i’m going to stop taking them because i don’t like the sick and bloated feeling they leave me with. If they don’t help with weight loss, then i’ll probably keep these in my cupboard and only use every now and again when i’m feeling run down and in the need of a lift. So yeah mixed first impressions, once i get a better idea i’m sure i’ll fill you in.


  1. Millie January 22, 2017 / 1:43 am

    Hey, did you do a follow up post on these? Would love to know your final thoughts on them Xx

  2. chelsea January 22, 2017 / 11:12 am

    Hi Millie

    I didn’t do a follow up post but i’m happy to share my opinions with you on how these worked out for me 🙂
    I don’t personally think they work. I have lost 4 stone in weight because of diet and exercise alone, i tried the tablets in the middle of my weight loss efforts for about a week and they didn’t do anything to accelerate it. They actually left me feeling very sick and bloated and while this might help you reduce your food intake i wouldn’t consider that healthy. I did mention in this post about the increased energy but there’s better things to get a boast from. Honestly in my opinion i don’t think they are worth purchasing.

    Hope that helps xx

  3. Millie January 22, 2017 / 12:01 pm

    Really helpful, thank you. There’s not much about them online but from the few bits I’ve read I think I’ll be avoiding them xx

  4. chelsea January 23, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    If you’re looking at them for weight loss purposes, you’ll get more benefit from diet and exercise.

    I saw good reviews which is why I first tried them but my experience wasn’t great in the end. Xx

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