New & Exclusive Products – Superdrug launch, Nottingham

So a new Superdug store has opened in Nottingham right by the train station and i think that’s amazing. The last time i went to visit family i took the train and had a changeover in Sheffield. Now i’d forgotten to pack a lot of bits and pieces (mainly cosmetics) but luckily Sheffield station had a Superdrug store inside so i was able to fill my case with things i’d left at home. I remember thinking at the time it was such a good idea to have a Superdrug inside the station so when i recently got an email saying Nottingham was opening a new store nearby their train station i was very pleased.

Now the new Superdug store is officially open and has been for a few weeks now. I was invited to the launch but unfortunately i couldn’t make it as i was out of town. The lovely Sophie however didn’t want me to miss out on the fun so she sent me a bag of new and exclusive products to try as well as a voucher to use in the store when i was back. I hadn’t heard of a lot of these products before but some were surprisingly good so i thought i’d share my blogger mail with you and do a series of mini product reviews.

  • B. Carbon Steel Eye Lash Curler.
  • Superdrug Scrumptious Body Spray in crisp apple and sweet caramel. This reminds me of the Impulse deodrants i used to buy as a kid but i think these are actually cheaper. I love sweet scents so this was always going to be a winner. Such a strange scent combination but it works.
  • Solait SPF30 Moisturising Sun Lotion. This claims to be a non-greasy, lightweight and moisturising sun lotion. I’d agree with that, it also leaves you with a nice glow and it smells incredible.
  • B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz. This is a refreshing face spritz that claims to replenish the skin and add moisture for 12 hour hydration. I quite liked this product, i’ve never used face spritz’s before but i’m going to look into them now. I loved using this at the end of the day as a refreshing pick me up.
  • Superdrug Active Leave in Conditioner. This is a colour safe conditioner that is designed to add shine and moisture, protect from sun damage and it won’t affect your colour. Again i’ve not really used leave in conditioners before but this was good and left my hair soft and shiny.
  • Gosh Foundation Plus. Remember when i used to do drugstore foundation reviews on the monthly, i miss that. I’m not going to do a full review of this foundation but i will give a brief description. This is quite a thick consistency with medium coverage. It claims to have a satin finish but i found it quite oily. I wasn’t too keen on this, i love a good coverage foundation but this was too thick for me and like i said i didn’t like the finish.
  • Gosh Foundation Drops. I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. I wasn’t sure about the applicator at first, it’s a pipette and you squeeze drops of foundation onto your brush, but what i will say it’s actually the most perfect application for this product because a little drop really does go a long way. The foundation is lightweight and hydrating – usually everything i hate in a foundation as i prefer high coverage and matte finishes but this blended really well and provided a decent medium coverage. It didn’t look oily either so i was really happy with this product. This would make a great daytime foundation, especially since it contains spf. I actually really liked this.
  • Freedom Dreamcatcher Eye Shadow Palette. This palette is cute and contains some really nice shades. I’d never heard of this brand previously but the palette costs £4 for 12 shades – a mixture of matte and shimmery shades at that. This is a great bargain.

So there you go, i forgot how much i love trying new products. It’s always cool to try things you wouldn’t normally pick up especially when you find products that are actually pretty decent. I would consider repurchasing that Gosh foundation in particular. Anyway that’s all for today’s post. If you live in Nottingham or travel regularly go and have a venture around the new Superdrug store. Seriously it’s so handy having one so close to the station.