One week after signing up for a half marathon

So it’s been a week since I signed up for a half marathon so I thought I’d share my thoughts from the last week. If I’m honest I’ve been back and forth. There’s been plenty of ‘shit what have I got myself into’ moments, there’s also been plenty of giggles – the idea of me running a half marathon still amuses me so much so I find it difficult to tell people without laughing out loud at the idea! This week I’ve also been researching training plans, reading other people’s stories and coming to terms with a lot of things I’ve got to do/buy. I also had my first gym sessions in which I started to ‘train’ for the marathon and well that was a shock to the system. It’s been an eventful week so let’s get stuck in.

Let’s start with the shopping list and scary plans

So this is what i learnt from googling marathon tips:

Apparently going running is not as simple as just putting on a pair of trainers, i need some made to measure trainers. But they won’t be enough i need to buy insoles that resemble platform heels. Yay bank balance.

I also need to get to grips with energy gels that have all the carbs in but will burn my throat as much as a chilli would. Can’t wait.

Apparently i need to go for three runs a week, two small runs (5ks) and one 10 mile run – oh and then i’ll need to fit in a gym session too. Damn!


Timing means everything to me and I know it shouldn’t, so many factors will influence the day and it will be my first bloody time. I should probably relax and not put pressure on myself but it’s what’s keeping me motivated. I have an aim and I’d like to strive for that, that way I will try my best. Although I think deep down I know crawling over the¬†finish line would still be a massive achievement i want to finish in a pretty decent time. I’m reading so many people’s stories and scrolling right to their times, it seems a lot of people do their half marathons in just over 2 hours. Great runners who do 10ks and half marathons on the regular do it under 2 hours. I’m basing my training plan around these numbers so hopefully i can get somewhere near (realistically i’ve got no chance). When i signed up i had to give an estimated time (haaa) and considering i’d never ran anything above 5k i had to blag it – looking at those times i was very lenient with my expected time so i need to up my game.

My first ‘training session’

I started my first training session at the gym. I upped my routine and it was the first time i started to believe this entire thing was possible. I felt really good too, i have a lot of leg strength but i hadn’t quite realised how much i was capable of until i started really challenging myself so that was encouraging. I walked away from the gym feeling really confident and excited, i woke up the next morning still feeling great. I got home that evening however and something just changed. I then had the most terrible leg pain for 2 days. So yeah i learned the importance of stretching.

My first week of training seems to be going ok, i need to work on what i eat before i do cardio however. I struggle with stitch a lot when running so i need to make sure i’m giving myself enough time to digest my meal before exercising. I also need to make sure i stretch properly before i go gym.

So yeah it’s been a strange week and i’ve been back and forth. Now i’ve accepted that i’m actually doing it and i’ve stopped googling ‘can short people run marathons’ i’m quite looking forward to it. I’ve had a look at some blog posts about running marathons this week and none seem to be from a complete beginner’s perspective so i might do a few posts about running but we’ll see.