September Favourites 16

I haven’t done a favourites in so long so let’s have an update of what i’m loving, wearing, eating and using shall we?!

Zara boots.


I bought some Zara boots recently and now i won’t wear any of my other boots. I really like them – they have a twist on the classic blank ankle boot, they’re comfy as hell and they have a slight heel that is really helpful for short asses like me. They were also really cheap which was just an added bonus really. I only like Zara in Autumn and Winter for some reason but each year i fall in seasonal love with this shop.

Black jeans.

I never thought i’d go back to wearing black jeans. I used to love wearing black jeans as a teen but as i grew older my love for them vanished. Now however all i want to wear is black jeans. I need to go shopping though because none of jeans actually fit me anymore.

Urban outfitters.

This shop though. It’s full of useless overpriced tat i don’t need so why do i get pulled in every time i walk past?! I want all the junk in this shop.


This TV programme. I can count on one hand the amount of TV series i watch and almost all i watch on record. I watched the last series of Hunted and was gripped to hell, i think it’s an insane programme and i’m really excited that there’s a new series.

Tommy Hilfiger.


My favourite thing to wear growing up was a Tommy Hilfeger jumper, it might as well have been glued to my back. I’ve had a butchers at Gigi’s collection for Tommy and i want it all. I also want the bank balance to afford it all. I think it’s the nautical style that appeals to me, i’ve always had a thing for sailor looking shit.

Hot water bottles.

It’s cold, it’s Autumn, my fave time of year ( i think i say that about very season). I love cuddling my fluffy hot water bottle. Nuff said.


I didn’t think i’d ever like these because i like to pee without hindrance. I didn’t quite get the concept of these pee blocks, i always thought what is the point but now i get it. These are flattering as F and look beaut with high waisted jeans. Winner winner chicken dinner, i hate that saying and i hate myself for saying it. Cringe.

John Frieda Frizz Ease.

This was a forgotten love until recently but i’ve rekindled my lust for this range. I use the heat defence spray and serums. Btw i actually use my heat defence spray all the time, i used to be so bad at never using this but i’m being good lately.

This H&M Jumper.


I bought this H&M jumper and it was everything and more. Every time i wear it i feel Urban Outfitters AF! Every year i buy a new striped jumper that is garish as hell but i flipping love. I love stripes and a striped jumper in colours that shouldn’t go makes me feel very happy about life. This jumper does just that and while part of me thinks what the F are you wearing, part of me feels like i’m down with the kids. Ha the product image makes me hate it but when it’s on i really like it.

Seed sensations bread.

Yep i’m blogging about bread hahaha! I actually love this bread now and won’t eat anything else so thought you’d want to know.

New youtubers.

I’m on the lookout for new youtubers at the moment – not necessarily new channels but people i haven’t watched before. I’ve recently subscribed to Sunbeamsjess and Rachelleea.