What’s on my bookshelf?

Right now i’m trying to persuade myself i don’t need to do a massive Amazon book splurge. I’m trying to tell myself i need to read the last batch of books i bought before i get anymore – it’s not going well. I’ve talked previously about my love for audio books but i’m over that stage now. I like audio books in Summer but i think in Winter there’s something really cosy about a hot water bottle, a blanket and a good paperback – i actually don’t like hardback books (i know you really care about that fact and will now sleep better knowing that interesting revelation.) Anyway right now i’m back into physical books and i’m reading again and the temptation to spend on things i really don’t need is unreal. Since i’m into reading again i thought i’d do a blog post about what’s on my bookshelf because that’s some of the content i’ve been interested in reading/watching right now.

Chick flicks

A large part, a larger proportion that i probably want to admit to, of my bookshelf is devoted to chick flicks. You know the books – the Sophie Kinsella predictable rom com type reads. I think they’re really easy reads that bring a bit of lightheartedness to your life. I love taking books like this on holiday with me although the page count means i normally get through at least one on the plane ride alone. I think these books are perfect for those days when you just need a bit of an uplift and the great thing about chick flick novels is you don’t need to concentrate at all on the storyline, you can just read leisurely. These are the type of books i can reread over and over again.

Some of my fave chick flick reads include:

  • Sophie Kinsella – Can you keep a secret. This is one of my most recent reads of hers but i have pretty much most of her books on my shelf anyway so any of her stories could have made this list.
  • Maeve Haran – The time of their lives. This is one of my most recent reads and i really loved the storyline.
  • Olivia Goldsmith – Uptown Girl. If you’ve followed my blog for a while and read previous posts you’ll know this is one of my favourite books of all time.


Ok this is the tiniest section of my shelf! I have only recently started reading thrillers and it wasn’t on purpose i bought books from this genre. Having said that i read Michael Bussi’s After the crash and i found it gripping i started expanding my reading list.


I have a lot of autobiographies on my bookshelf – these have mainly accumulated from holidays when i used to buy one every time i went abroad. I mainly have football autobiographies (including Fergie’s which i’m actually really ashamed of – makes me feel a tiny bit sick every time i see this) although i have a couple of comedians too. One of my favourite autobiographies (aside from the obvious Steven Gerrard’s) is Jason Manford’s book. This was a really great read and he is one of my favourite comedians. I never buy any ”celebrity’ autobiogs because as much as i love reading the Daily Mail Celeb News and as much as i love celeb stalking on twitter, i actually have no interest in people like Katie Price.

Recipe Books

I love a recipe book but i rarely cook from them. Well actually my baking books have had some use but in terms of the other books, there more nice to have souvenirs. I like to think one day i’ll use them but realistically they’re not shifting from the shelf – soz.

Lifestyle books

This is an up and coming section of my bookshelf. I recently bought a lot of lifestyle books – for example, The Happiness Project – you know those well being feel good non fiction books. I have a couple of my these on my work desk at all time because although i don’t look at them often knowing there on my desk is sometimes enough to give me the inspiration and motivation i need. I love a lifestyle book – this is one of the things i want to buy more even though i barely flick through a few pages.


I have a lot of random shit on my bookshelf. I did English Lit at college so i have a lot of college books – some of them i actually really liked the story of so i would reread, some i just keep on there because they make me feel more sophisticated – i need something to balance out all the chick flicks ha!! I’d say one of my most random books i’ve never read is Zoella’s first book, Girl Online. This was a complete waste of a purchase – i thought it was an autobiog and i was intrigued but when i discovered it was actually a novel (ghostwritten may i add) i didn’t want to give it the time of day.

I actually quite liked writing this post, it was fun to trawl through the many many books i own. I’m enjoying blogging at the moment, it’s nice to write about things i enjoy and keep somewhat of a public diary about my interests – a good thing to look back on.