October Favourites

I’m into monthly favourites posts again so here’s what i’ve been loving in October:


Favourite TV programme

I’ve started watching a few TV series this month. I’m actually struggling to stay up to date but i’ve committed to watching the Apprentice, Hunted, The Missing and TOWIE. I mentioned in my last faves how much i love Hunted and this series is not letting me down at all – i’m really routing for Nick. TOWIE and the Appprentice i’m watching out of habit but realistically both programmes are making me cringe so much i’m almost at the stage where i switch off. The Missing i started watching as a recommendation following a conversation with a family member, i didn’t watch the previous series but it’s bloody good and i’m really into it. It’s confusing and gripping and i’m struggling with my lack of patience waiting for the next episode.

Favourite songs

Closer by The Chainsmokers and Say you won’t let go by James Arthur. I also really like Little Mix’s Shout out to my ex because everyone loves a good FU song! I’ve never been one to have a favourite band or artist. I like a song, i overplay it and then i forget it. These two songs i have on repeat right now.

Favourite films

I’ve watched so many good films lately. Obviously Bridget Jones (i wrote a blog post on this beaut of a film!), Girl on a Train was amazing and Emily Blunt put in a stunning performance, Inferno was a much anticipated film i went to see immediately upon it’s release and Deep water horizon was surprisingly incredible.

Favourite books

I’ve really enjoyed Emma Gannon’s book. I think this is a great read for my generation but i almost think it’s a must read for today’s generation of teenagers. I’m all for the digital sphere, i’d be pretty stuffed without the digital world but growing up online is frigging difficult and while i was brought up in that generation, today’s teens are exposed to so much more at a much earlier age. I think Ctrl, Alt, Delete is an eye opening read that teens could really learn a lot from. I’ve read about 4 books this month but i’ve actually been disappointed in most of them. I”m currently reading ‘The woman in cabin 10’, i’m about a third of the way through and i’m not sure what to make of this one yet. It’s not as dark as i was hoping so far.

Favourite purchase

I’ve been buying going out dresses this month – going out dresses that are not seasonally appropriate but make me feel very happy. I bought a LBD from H&M – it was the only one left, in completely the wrong area of the store, in my size. It was fate. I don’t think i’ve bought much else but that’s probably a lie, i buy so many clothes i never know what i’ve bought when.

Favourite memory of the month

I went to the gym at 7.30am on a Sunday morning, half drunk/half hungover. It could have been the worst idea of my life but instead i accomplished a series of PB’s and got rid of my headache. I’ve had some great moments this month but beating the hangover felt like i’d cheated death so kudos to that.

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  1. nat potter October 31, 2016 / 11:28 am

    This is a fantastic blog am loving it well done chelasea xxx

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