Making yourself a morning person + My morning routine

I’m a morning person. I never used to be but as i’ve got older and embraced the world of work i’ve trained my brain to be at its best first thing in the morning. Maybe its because i’ve always had somewhat of a commute so i’ve needed to be alert i don’t know. Point is me and mornings get along quite well. Even on a weekend i rarely sleep past 7.30am (even with a hangover)… often i’m awake before then but that’s probably the time i give up trying to have a lie in. Anyway for today’s post i thought i’d share some tips on how you can make the most of your mornings and prepare for the day ahead.

Set a regular alarm

I think this is why i struggle to sleep in on a weekend. My brain is trained to wake up at a certain time and my alarm has really helped me get into a routine. If you have a regular alarm, don’t get me wrong it will still be tempting to press snooze every now and again, but your body will adjust and you’ll find it easier to get up early.

Have a routine

Creating a routine ensures you have a plan of action in place. If i have a list of things to do in the morning i find i get on with things without moaning. My personal morning routine, before work, involves having breakfast or at least a cup of tea, making my lunch, putting an outfit together and perhaps ironing, making the bed and having a tidy around and catching up on youtube. I know some people suggest doing things the night before so you have minimal to do on a morning but i find that makes me more lazy, if i know i’ve got things to do i have more get up and go.

Don’t leave it last minute to get up

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and get sorted on a morning. Having said that, don’t think because you have plenty of time you can catch a few extra Z’s… a snooze for 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins… shit i’m late. Give yourself enough time to have a relaxed routine, this takes the edge off and allows you to feel at ease. I find having a smooth start to the morning really helps prepare and relax me for whatever life has to throw at me that day. I actually get up at 5.45am, i don’t need to but i like to have plenty of time on a morning. I find the earlier you get up the more you can get done, and productivity on a morning i find to be a great motivator – start the day as you mean to go on.

Have something to look forward to

I save youtube videos i want to watch for first thing in the morning. It’s a little motivator, i know if i get up when my alarm goes off not only do i have time to get ready i can catch up on of my fave viewings. It’s a small thing to look forward to but i find it helps. Sometimes i even put the TV on and watch a programme off catch up while i get ready as well. My morning routine includes a bit of me time, which is find lovely especially if i’ve got a busy day ahead. It doesn’t have to be me time however, switching up your breakfast can also be something to look forward to.

Get ready in a different room

I don’t get ready in my bedroom because once i’m out of bed, i’m up and out. I leave the bedroom, even when i’m getting changed i do it elsewhere. Leaving the room helps remove the idea of sleep and comfort and puts me in a different mindset.

Get washed and changed straight away

When my alarm goes off, the first thing i do is get up and go for a wash. The first thing i do as part of my routine is get clean and get changed. Hanging around in your pjs while you have your breakfast and sort out your outfit is not going to help you get in the awake mindset, don’t linger – get yourself sorted straight away. It will help you wake up faster. If i don’t shower first thing on a morning i also like to use cold water when i wash to really help awaken me – even in Winter btw!

So becoming a morning person probably won’t happen overnight but there’s simple steps you can do to help you become a more alert person over time. Regularity with timing and routines will help your body adjust and eventually it will become the norm. I trained myself to become a morning person and i love getting up early now – even on a weekend. It helps me make the most of my days. Anyway i hope you found these tips useful and i’ll see you again soon for another post.