Self love: focusing on yourself + becoming the best version of you

I don’t understand why there is such a stigma around self love and I definitely think there are issues with this topic. Confidence is commonly mistaken for arrogance and there is a belief that focusing on yourself is selfish or self involved. But why does it need to be either. What is so wrong with loving who you are and making self improvements so you become the best version of you.

I think fear and jealousy are two emotions associated with the stigma of self love. Change can be scary for a lot of people. While you are making life improvements it can leave people around you feeling insecure, unsure of how to keep up and worried about their place in your new life. I think there’s also a jealousy issue because focusing your attention on yourself means others become less of a priority.

Self love however is important and i believe the key to your own happiness. If people can’t handle that and are making you feel guilty about your life changes then maybe they’re not the right people to have around. I think a lot of people struggle with change but ‘even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there’. I love this quote because i think it hits the nail on the head, life’s not about walking in a straight line, it’s about jumping over hurdles and moving with the ups and downs. You should embrace change and everything it brings with it.

I wanted to write this post today to celebrate the importance of self love. There’s not necessarily a reason why this topic has come to mind today but it’s something i think about often. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter because the great thing about self love and improvement is its all about you, yourself and I.

Remember your time is your time. You don’t owe anyone anything, you choose how you want to spend you time. If you want to spend it on activities to better yourself rather than helping someone else, that’s your right.

I actually think self love is amazing and i think everyone should look for ways to continually improve themselves and their lifestyle. This year something i have been proactive in doing is making better lifestyle choices and i’m really happy with the effect it has had – there has been a lot of positivity that has come from a few small changes. I do find it frustrating then when people are labelled as arrogant or self involved because they like to give themselves a pat on the back after working hard. I think everyone should work to a stage where they are happy with who they are and not give a crap about showing their happiness, pride or accomplishments. The world is very negative and i think a lot can be learned from the concept of self love.

So hasn’t this turned to be a deep post, let’s finish with some simple steps you can take to show yourself some self love:

1. Write a list of things you’ve already achieved.
Remind yourself how far you’ve come.

2. Treat yourself.
Purchase something new, just because.

3. Schedule in that overdue me time.
Take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy.

4. Be kind to yourself
Give yourself a break. Don’t pinch your fat in the mirror, don’t focus on that spot, don’t stress over that stupid comment. Be kind and let yourself off the hook. It’s easy to be hard on yourself but give yourself a break and let things go.