Working out in winter: finding the motivation

I used to be the person who hated working out in winter. I always made excuses – it was too cold to leave the house translated as i want to eat this full pack of biscuits with a cup of tea. I used to choose to let myself go post summer and put myself in a winter slump where i piled on the pounds. This year however i’ve changed into a healthier lifestyle and now i love going to the gym, i can’t imagine taking any time off. There are a lot of benefits to exercising all year round so i thought i’d share with you a few reasons why you should keep working out in winter and where you can find that missing motivation.

Beat SAD/Winter blues

The dark nights and cold weather can leave you feeling dreary but one of the best benefits of exercise is that it releases endorphins. Working out is great for boasting your mood so on nights where you feel down, take yourself off to the gym or a fitness class and reap the rewards. Remember work outs are not just about weight loss or fitness, they give you that feel good factor.

No guilt

It’s known that as the seasons change, we find ourselves edging more towards comfort food. Treats and junk food are great for lifting the mood and they taste fab in the short term but they also lead to bloating and feeling sluggish. Introducing a gym session alongside your takeaway will not only make you feel less guilt about your treats, it will also help you feel better about yourself.

Maintains your fitness levels

When you spend long periods away from exercise, your muscle mass drops and you will find your fitness levels also slipping away. Exercising all year round ensures you maintain your fitness so once the new year comes, you don’t find yourself gasping for breath after 2 minutes on the treadmill.

Boasts your immune system

Exercise has many health benefits and at a time of year when colds and flu are doing the rounds, your immune system could do with all the help it can get. Working out is a good way to keep the illness at bay.

Extra energy

Do you ever feel sluggish and just generally more tired in autumn/winter. I do but exercise is a great way to give you extra energy.

Empty gym

At this time of year a lot of people have given up on the bikini body phase and the gym starts getting empty. I hate seeing a packed gym, there’s nothing more annoying especially when people are there half-heartedly. Gymming in the winter means less people are around and because of this, gyms also have better offers and deals on too so you might even save yourself a few pennies.

Beautiful scenery

You see a lot of people going for walks in autumn because the leaves on the ground makes for beautiful scenes. Why not make the most of the picturesque parks and go for a run. The cold weather is also really useful for cooling you down.

Fresh air

Autumn/winter often means we spend a lot of time indoors but there’s nothing like the cool, crisp fresh air at this time of year. Again why not go for a run or a hike and make the most of the chill.

So there you go, a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your exercising efforts and why you should still fit in a few work outs this autumn/winter. If you’re struggling for motivation think about the benefits and let that drive you to the gym.