The best autumn nail polish

I haven’t wrote anything beauty related on my blog in so long but i’ve found the best, most autumnal nail polish that i wanted to share with you so here we are. I was going to turn this into my favourite drugstore nail polishes for autumn but there’s no point talking about any others because i’m just reapplying this polish constantly at the moment.

loreal paris 442 coral trianon

The polish i’m raving about is from L’oreal Paris so very cheap and it is in shade 442 – coral trianon. Now i chose this somewhat randomnly – i was doing the 3 for 2 in Superdrug when stocking up on my fave drugstore repurchases and i needed to buy a third item. There wasn’t anything i needed so i thought i’d choose a random nail polish. The L’oreal polishes caught my eye because of the quilted looking glass bottles and gold lids. The packaging looks a lot more expensive than it is and i wanted it to sit on my shelf. I hadn’t used any L’oreal nail polishes before so i didn’t know what to expect with the product but the packaging looked great and they had a great amount of pretty colours so i decided to give this shade a go.

Now i’ll give you a quick run down of the product, it’s ok – you get what you pay for and the L’oreal polish isn’t the most long lasting. I’d say a week on my toes on its own – however if you team it with a good top coat, it will last a couple of weeks. I’ve used this with Nails Inc’s top coat and it’s lasted a few week with pretty much no chips or problems. I’m only painting my toes at the moment, i always make sure i have a pedicure because feet are just ugly on their own. My finger nails however i only paint near Christmas and it’s always a seasonal red. Slightly off point but while the product is average it lasts a while with a good top coat and the polishes are quite cheap. I think they are about £5 so absolute bargain.

Now let’s move away from the boring stuff and talk about this beautiful colour. This gorgeous coral. It captures the essence of autumn – bright coloured leaves, pumpkins, bonfire night. If i could pick a colour to remind me of autumn this would be it. It’s a warm coral but it’s not summery bright. It’s slightly muted. I wish i could describe it better but you’ll just have to take my word for it and go out and buy it. There wouldn’t be any regret, trust me. If you like autumn, you need this colour in your life.

I’m actually really impressed by these nail polishes and i’m going to be giving some more shades a go. Now autumn is coming to a close and we’re on the countdown to Christmas, i’m going to put this beaut on the shelf and start looking for golds, browns, reds and purples. I’ve seen a few shades in this range already that i think are going to be gorgeous and for this price my bank is more than ok with me popping a few in my basket. So there you go, a short post about a nail polish i just had to tell you about. Now go buy it and thank me later. 🙂