I’ve put my Christmas trees up already

I’m not one to do things by half so when i said as soon as bonfire night was over, it was the countdown to Christmas i meant it. I bought new seasonal bedding and pjs, watched Home Alone for the first time this year, did the majority of my Christmas shopping and now i’ve put my trees up (yes trees plural). I love Christmas, i get excited very early each year (last year i started my Christmas blogs in September) but i think mid-November is a good enough time as any to start prepping for Christmas. I’m sure some will say it’s too early and think i’m out of my mind but i really couldn’t care less – each to their own.

This is the earliest i’ve ever actually put my tree up, normally i do it a few days before the end of November but this year i jotted down a few justifications that convinced me i could go even earlier.

My first reasoning was i’ve done most of my Christmas shopping and i need somewhere to put the presents.

A second reason was i’ve got a week off work so why not utilise the time and get it done out of the way. I’m never going to have this amount of free time for the rest of the year so while i’m off why not seize the opportunity and put it up at my leisure.

Third, i was unsure whether i needed a new Christmas tree and i thought if i put it up and test the lights, decorations and colour schemes i can make a decision sooner rather than later. My tree is always up by end of November so if i needed to get a new tree i needed to know asap. I actually think for a fake tree mine’s doing quite well and i’m still a fan of my white and red colour scheme. I forgot how many new decorations i’d bought last year so i’m actually good on the new tree front for another year.

Dark nights and all that… my tree can act as another light source… ok that’s a shit excuse but i love having the lights on, it adds to the cosy, festive feeling.

All the shops have decorations and Christmas trees up so why can’t i have my house lit up like Santa’s grotto as well… oh wait i can and i have.

I didn’t think i made the most of Halloween this year. I had some movie nights but i didn’t dress up or go out this year and i didn’t put any of my decorations up. Well i did have a pumpkin but that’s as far as i got. I didn’t utilise this holiday enough and i’m not making the same mistake twice.

I literally have no regrets. I reasoned with myself, i waited until after bonfire night and now i have more time than usual to enjoy the festivities. I’m excited to wear my Christmas pjs, have the Christmas lights on and watch festive movies. I love Christmas and having the tree up already makes my home feel more complete. You know that feeling each year when you take the tree down and it looks bare – like something is missing – well now i feel like my home looked too bare before. I know that’s bull and just another justification but i don’t care, i’m bloody happy with my premature decision to get in the Christmas spirit!