My First 10km: Mo Run Nottingham 2016


I said i’d do some blogging about my half marathon training but i haven’t really felt like it as of yet. This weekend however i ran my first 10km and i was quite happy with the result so i thought i’d do a little share and tell you how i’m doing.

My fitness has improved so much in recent months. A month exactly into doing regular 5kms, i managed to shave my time by 4 and half minutes. That’s an incredible achievement and one i’m really proud of. I have also managed to now do my first 10km and despite the horrendous weather conditions, i did it in 52 minutes and 11 seconds. I’m really happy with that, i also ran a personal best 5k in that time too, shaving my 5k PB by a further 2 minutes!

So my fitness is going really well and while i’ve still got a long way to go and a lot i need to work on, i’m starting to think this nearing half marathon might not actually kill me.

So the 10km i did this weekend was the Mo Run event in Nottingham. It was held at Wollaton Park, a park i’m very familiar with and somewhere i visit often. I don’t normally like to know my run route because the mystery of not knowing where i’m going actually motivates me more. Having said that it was quite nice to be in familiar surroundings and the course wasn’t too challenging.

On the day the weather was terrible and i think had it been better i’d have probably finished my run even earlier so that’s quite exciting. You may have heard about the storms hitting the UK over the last few days, well Nottingham have been pretty lucky to miss out on the snow. There was a massive downpour however the night before and morning of my run. The course was very wet and muddy then – this is not ideal for running because you have to be careful not to slip especially when overtaking people and i also had to leap over a lot of large puddles during the run. I would take the wet muddy conditions anyday however if i could have avoided the freezing cold temperatures and winds. Since i’ve lost a lot of weight i find the cold harder to handle and after arriving at the event over an hour early, i had to wait around for ages in the cold. By the time the run started i could not even feel my toes. I don’t like taking lots of belongings with me to events especially ones that are so local so i only went with my running attire on – i did layer up more than i normally would but i needed to be able to move so i didn’t layer up enough to withstand the cold from standing around for an hour. I actually wore a pair of running tights, sports bra, t-shirt, hoody and light rain jacket.

So the run itself was fairly comfortable on my legs, i started to get  a bit of calf pain once i stopped but my legs did me proud. One issue i did face was chest pains about half way round. The cold was hitting my chest hard and i found breathing a bit difficult after that but i still carried on and did my best. It wasn’t a big issue but one i could have done without.

So 52 minutes was my time for my first 10km! I’m very happy with that, very very happy actually. I think i finished 122nd out of everyone overall (out of 649 people) and i came 25th out of all the females (313 people). I don’t think that’s bad going for a first event. I used to be a sprinter so long distance running isn’t my forte – with this in mind i think i’m doing really well. I’m looking forward to seeing how i can improve my stats in the next few months.

I should probably add this was my first chip timed event, which was also exciting. I got my result sent to my phone about 10 seconds after crossing the finish line which was amazingly fast. I love chip timed events because although i was mapping my own run on my phone it’s great to know exact times.