November Favourites

Ok so if you read yesterday’s last minute post you will have seen i’ve been deliberating over whether to do blogmas. I’m still on the fence but it’s day 2 and there’s a post so we’ll see how we get on. It’s going to be weird because i don’t have a lot of restraint when it comes to publishing my posts and i now have lots of ideas/drafts waiting to be put live. I’ve been known to put a few posts live at the same time so blogmas is going to test my patience, like i said we’ll see how we get on ha.

Anyway i’ve bought so much this month, i finished my Christmas shopping weeks in advance so i’ve rewarded myself with quite a few new bits. With this in mind i thought i’d do a November favourites. I did one of these posts last at the end of October but that feels like forever a go now. Let’s stop babbling and get to the good stuff… Btw this is such an eclectic mix.

Forever 21

I need to tell y’all about my new favourite shop. I’m 24 so i don’t know if i should still be shopping here (such a bad dad joke) but it’s amazingly cheap, stylish and their products are pretty decent quality. I’ve bought more than i should have from here this month but the area i could have gone most wild was with their gym gear. Normally i only buy Nike and Adidas gym gear because i like trusted sportswear but this shop has some seriously gorgeous pieces. I hadn’t previously shopped in this store before this month but it is now my fave shop and i’m going to be visiting this little haven a lot.

Adidas gym gear

One of the things i asked Santa for this year was new gym gear and i found the most amazing workout outfit in the Adidas store… when shopping for everyone else’s Christmas presents obv. I was so in love with the outfit i couldn’t wait to wear it so i was allowed this present early (very early).

Fox’s Chunkie Cookies

You can tell this post has no structure because we’ve gone from gym gear to the most calorific thing you could ever eat. Fox’s Chunkie Cookies however are freaking amazing and deserve to be talked about. They are very thick chocolate chip cookies that have one side coated like a chocolate digestive. I’m a sucker for tea and biscuits – when the weather turns cold, that’s where my cravings are at and these biscuits have made their way to my table more times that i’d like to admit.


In November i ran my first ever 10km and i freaking loved it. So much so i’m now signed up for 2 more events. Bring on the PBs.

Flannel bedding

This month i bought a new goose feather (or whatever you call it) duvet and a seasonal flannel bedding set. Winter is here and it’s fricking cold but my bed is the cosiest place on earth thanks to these beautiful buys. I’ve literally been having the best nights sleep.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls came back and it took an interesting turn of events – one that i did enjoy may i add. I’ve resisted doing a blog post about it because the hype around the show is annoying me a little bit. I used to rush home from school every day to watch Gilmore Girls on e4+1, i was a fangirl and a half back in the day so i was really happy when it got put on Netflix and they decided to film some new episodes. Everyone seems to have jumped on the bandwagon now though and while that’s fine, each to their own, i just can’t remember anyone loving it this much back in the day. It seems to have become a new trend.

The Missing

Holy moly (never said that before – cringe) this season was immense. I was recommended to watch this by a family member and this month not only did i watch season 2 but i went back and watched season 1. This programme is brilliantly written and has kept me gripped. I’ve never watched anything as good as this before. Loved it so much.

Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara

I did a 3 for 2 on Max Factor make up this month and thought i’d try some new products. This mascara is brilliant and has become my new daily wear. I love the brush, it’s my favourite applicator and this gives my lashes some good length and definition. I tried another Max Factor mascara this month too but i wasn’t as impressed with the voluptuous false lash effect mascara – the product is fine but i couldn’t get along with the wand.

So November was such a good month for me. I went away for a few days, had time off work, started Christmas 3 weeks early and went to some bonfire night celebrations. If December treats me as well, which i hope it will as i’ve got some lovely plans scheduled in, then i’m in for a great month.

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  1. Rachel December 2, 2016 / 8:36 am

    Congrats on your first 10k! I’m trying to get into running and getting there slowly…do you have any tips on keeping motivated in the early stages? The Missing is definitely on my to-watch list. Great post.x

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