Christmas jumper shopping + Winter Wonderland

This weekend i had a chilled homey weekend but i thought i’d share with you what i got upto. I love nosying at day in the life blog posts and i used to do them all the time on here, it’s been such a long time since i’ve actually done anything like this so i’m quite excited to create my storyboard for you’s.

This weekend was one of my faves, it involved quite a lot of my favourite things and it made me realise not only how lucky i am to have everything i do but just how much i love Nottingham and my life here.

So the weekend got off to a slightly rocky start when someone stepped on my heel getting off the train and broke it. I was so annoyed and the guy didn’t even say sorry which irritated me even more. Yay. I soon cheered up though because i decided to have a look around the shops and shopping is one of my favourite things to do. None of my Christmas jumpers fit my anymore, following an almost 4 stone weight loss earlier this year my old clothes now look like tents so i decided to try and find a new one. I love Christmas jumpers and while i had so much fun trying on every jumper i could see, i couldn’t find one i liked. Here are some pics of a few i tried and tested however.


This was cute but the quality was terrible. I want a good quality jumper that is going to last me but this felt really cheap. The design i loved though.


Just comical i had to share. Larve Drake.


This was garish as hell and a sweater and i came very close, especially when i saw it was £6 but i couldn’t decide whether i liked it enough. This had matching trousers with it.

After the shops kicked me out, i headed to my second home Nando’s. I eat two things at Nando’s – chicken thighs or chicken pitta, both plain… IKR!. I always opt for chips as my side because i love their chips.

img_6513 img_6514

From Nando’s i headed to Tesco and may have spent £8 on chocolate and sweets. I then headed home, consumed enough to put on a stone overnight and caught up on everyone’s Vlogmas’. I love Vlogmas but i’m seriously struggling to watch everyone’s. i need more time. I really liked my casual Friday night and i managed to fit in a bit of blogging too.


Saturday started with a very early gym session because i was aware i was going to spend the day shopping and one of the things i wanted to buy was super skinny jeans. I felt like after the overindulgent binge i needed to do something before trying to fit into tight jeans. I had a 6am start at the gym, then came home and slowly got ready.

I headed into town at 9.30 for  a Nero’s breakfast. I’d been craving a ham and cheese croissant which i had with orange juice. Healthy eating really went out the window this weekend.

img_6510 img_6449img_6443

Food binge over i spent the next 7 hours Christmas shopping in heeled boots, knocking up a good 18,000 steps. Team that with a gym workout and i think i earnt some brownie points with the scales after my chocolate consumption so yay for that. Funny thing is when i say Christmas shopping, i had finished my shopping weeks ago… there’s a post coming up talking about that so we’ll leave that for another day.

Mid shopping i popped in the Winter Wonderland. I’m quite disappointed with the Christmas market this year, it’s great for food but that’s about it. Still i had a pork and stuffing sandwich which went down a treat so whatever.

img_6511 img_6512 img_6474

All shopped out i took myself home, cleaned the house, spent some time with my new Lush purchases watching more Vlogmas and then getting cosy in my Christmas pjs. I had another casual night at home watching X Factor and sitting by my Christmas lights. I also continued my chocolate binge.


I couldn’t be bothered to wait until it finished dissolving so that’s the best pic you’re getting – soz!


Sunday morning i woke up after a lie in (like 7am haaa) and did some blogging. I took a cup of tea and some cereal back to bed and was legit so cosy. I then went and did the weekly food shop and i was meant to post my Christmas cards until my brain clicked on it was Sunday and the post office isn’t open. Doh. When i got back home i made a gorgeous lamb roast and watched the football. Perfection.


My Sunday was quite chilled and not a lot to report but yesterday was a long day out and about so it was really nice to chill at home with the football and a roast. I then got back to reality and took my arse to the gym – i always feel amazing after a sweaty session and coming home to use Lush snow fairy was an added bonus.

I then spent my evening watching a Christmas movie and wrapping presents. I loved this weekend, it was Christmassey, it was homey, it had a hell of a lot of calorific food… Just bae! So there you go, my weekend in pics… hope you enjoyed it 🙂