Christmas in moderation

When you try to lead a healthy life, certain periods of the year like Christmas can be difficult. It can be testing to try stay on track when there is so much temptation around you but it’s important to realise that treats are ok as long as you don’t go overboard. Everything is ok in moderation so don’t deprive yourself of anything. The more you try and restrain yourself the more likely you are to fail and end up bingeing so by all means get an advent calendar, enjoy a Christmas tipple or have a few too many Quality Street’s, just be clever and watch how much you eat. For today’s blog post i thought i’d share my tips on how you can moderate your Christmas temptations.

How to keep on track throughout the Christmas period:

  • Continue going to the gym

I mentioned in my winter workouts post that maintaining your gym routine all year round has a lot of benefits and none more than guilt free cheating. You can have a bit more chocolate than you probably should if you’re continuing your exercise routine.

  • Have days off

Don’t spend a full week overindulging on biscuits and cheese. Likewise don’t spend the full week scoffing salad while staring at the Heroes. Try and find a balance between being healthy and binge eating crap. It’s easier said than done so if you know you can’t stop yourself once you open the chocolates have a day or two off a week to treat yourself but spend the rest of the week maintaining your diet. Listen to your appetite and work out what’s best for you.

  • Record what you eat

No one wants to admit what they’ve eaten when they have a day of overindulging but keeping a food diary helps you realise how much crap you are eating. Recording what you eat helps you focus on the moderation and balance you need.

  • Don’t skip meals

Skipping a meal for a chocolate bar might seem like a good option because you’re saving calories right? Wrong. When you skip meals you’re more likely to go overboard on the bad stuff. Stick to your normal meal times and introduce treats around that.

  • Measure portions

Portion size is often where many slip up. It’s fine to have a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but a bit of everything is key – not a mountain of everything. Don’t stop yourself eating anything but eat reasonable portions. Likewise drink wisely and not excessively. Portion control means you have enough to enjoy the food and drink but not enough to make yourself sick and sluggish.

  • Plan meals

Plan what you’re going to eat and when. Plan your treats around meals and also plan ahead when you’re going to let yourself indulge. If you set yourself a ‘cheat day’ then you have something to look forward to and that will hopefully be motivation to keep on track for the other days. Telling yourself no and never will make you more likely to binge but saying yes in a controlled time period will help you stay on track.