What i eat in a day: Winter Wonderland edition

So i had a very unhealthy weekend and if you read my ‘weekend in pictures’ post you will probably already have seen most of what i ate but ah well. I love a what i eat in a day post so here we go.


I had been craving a cheese and ham croissant for so long so i headed to Nero’s and finally satisfied my craving. It was bloody delicious and i had it with freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum. I’d been gym earlier in the day by the way and i did 18,000 steps this day as well so don’t judge me too much for the crap i ate.



When the Christmas market is in town it’s pretty much obligatory to have a pork and stuffing sandwich. It would have been rude not to and it tasted amazing.



Well i didn’t really have a proper dinner. I came home from shopping, made a cup of tea and had a bit of a chocolate binge. I had a bit of everything below because i couldn’t decide what i wanted more… so yeah calories!


After a couple of hours passed i decided to have some cheese and crackers. These Jacob’s crackers are amazing and my favourite, They are grain crackers and they crumble so delicately. Teamed with mature cheddar they’re so bloody good.


And that guys is it, my unhealthy food day. I hope this post made you very hungry =)