The ten stages of Christmas shopping

I thought i’d do a little post today about how my Christmas shopping works. I seem to go through stages when buying presents for people so let me share with you how i manage to spend a fortune every Christmas. Take this light hearted please…

1.  A few treats for me won’t hurt

Whenever i can buy things for myself – i have the time and money, i never find anything i want. Whenever i’m short on cash however or shopping for other people, i find loads of things i need want. Christmas shopping for everyone else then always involves a few treats for me. This year i’ve decided i need every jumper i see and i’ve been on the lookout for a new coat. I really wanted a thick, camel looking trench coat but despite seeing loads, i couldn’t find the right shade or fastening. Can we just take a second to discuss how irritating Topshop is this season with it’s popper fastenings. I saw a lovely coat in there but i am not 5 years old, i don’t need poppers, i want buttons. So yeah i picked myself a few bits and bobs up but i never got the coat i had pictured myself in.

2. I’ve spent more on food than presents

A full day Christmas shopping for me involves eating everything in sight… ooh Christmas market – better stop for a burger, it’s cold – let’s get tea and cake… I swear i end up spending more on food than presents. Story of my life though to be fair.

3. I’ll just find something online

Do you ever walk around that many shops you just reach a stage of CBA and decide to find something online. Yep amazon is an amazing thing.

4. Everyone has something yay

My next stage is finishing my shopping list. Everyone i’m buying presents for is done and i’ve finished early, it’s a fantastic time. This year i ‘finished’ my Christmas shopping mid-November, amazing right. Well it would have been…

5. Festive buys

When everyone’s presents have been sorted, it’s time for the festive shop. New Christmas jumper, pjs, decorations… these are a few things i like to buy each year. I have a lot of decorations but i always buy a couple of more pricey purchases each year so i can build up my bauble collection.

6. Have i bought everyone enough?

Ok so my Christmas shopping is never done. If i finish early i go through a phase of buying extra little pieces for people. I always question whether i’ve got people enough.

7. My expensive wrapping paper is literally big enough to wrap 2 presents.

Yay. I always think i like the idea of wrapping presents until i get started and get frustrated with trying to hold down the paper and cut enough tape. I think the real invention of the remote was to assist with wrapping gifts. It also really irritates me that while more expensive paper looks prettier under the tree, it lasts 2 seconds.

8. Self doubt

My Christmas gifts seem like the best idea at the time but when i’m convinced everyone’s done and dusted and they’re going to love their gifts, i see something else that throws a spanner in the work. Normally about Christmas Eve time. Would that have been better suited, oh i know i’ll note it down for next year and get it them then (they never get that gift, it gets completely forgotten about).

9. It’s Christmas Eve, i literally have everything i could possibly need but one last look around the shops won’t hurt…

…Until you realise the amount of people doing last minute shopping and you can’t breathe let alone move. Ah well that’s what cafes are for,,, more food is of course what i need.

10. Checking the bank balance

Wow it has been a very merry Christmas… Ah well who needs savings!