Sacrificing sleep

This year i’ve managed to achieve some serious goals. I lost a lot of weight, got really fit, signed up for a half marathon, took part in some runs, read a ton of books and kick started my blog again. I’ve got a lot done but my life is quite busy. It’s difficult to manage a blog, keep up with my workouts, keep on top of my house work, have the social life i have and work full time. It’s not easy to find the time for everything, not that i am moaning at all because i am very lucky, but i thought for today’s post i’d write a chatty post about how i fit everything in.

One of the easiest ways i find time to get everything done is sacrifice sleep. I get up at 5.30am every morning and i’m able to get so much done. I am most productive on a morning so it’s seems like the perfect time to get loads of a little tasks done. It’s also a great time to get some me time in before the rest of the world wakes up.

Making the most of my weekday evenings is a priority for me. I can relax more on the weekend if i get mot of my workouts and chores done in the week. I think it’s important to realise just how many hours there are in a day. While it’s easy to crave a cup of tea and cosy pjs when you get home from work on a cold, dark night, it’s not going to help you get things done.

No more early nights. Again back to the sacrificing sleep, i used to love an early night but i kissed goodbye to them a long time ago.

Plan ahead. I like to do lists and planning what i need to do and when i can fit it in. My 7 million lists make everything possible, i’d be hopeless without a plan.

I think for me the key to fitting everything in is being willing. If you want something so much you’ll find the time to make it happen. I’m not sure if i invented the saying (probably not) but this simple saying came to my head one day in the gym ‘make sacrifices instead on excuses’ and it’s literally my favourite phrase ever. You can’t do everything and in order to achieve things you might have to cut back on other areas of your life but you need to decide whether that’s worth it or not. So yeah a chatty blogmas post, i think we have something more festive lined up util tomorrow so see you then.