How to feel festive when you’re still working

For some people it can be difficult to feel festive when you still have to work everyday, especially when the run up to Christmas is often the busiest period. It can be overwhelming trying to get everything done before the holidays and when you’re in that setting it’s probably easier to play bah humbug. I’m always full of festive tips however so I thought for today’s post I’d share some advice on how you can get in the Christmas mood while you’re still at work.

1.  Leave the office at lunch. Have a break from the stress and go for a walk. It will help you unwind and put you in a much better mood.

2. Christmas playlist. Pop your headphones in at work and put on a Christmas playlist. Music is good for aiding concentration and it will help to lift your spirits.

3. Utilise evenings and weekends. Most of us have to work throughout December but there’s 24 hours in a day. Utilise evenings and weekends and make Christmas themed plans. Having something to look forward to not only gets you in mood but it will make those long days in the office go that little bit faster.

4.Office decorations. If your office has decorations take the time to look around and appreciate them. If your office doesn’t have any trimmings up, why not bring in your own. Add a bit of tinsel to your monitor or have a little desk Christmas tree. Just because you’re at work it doesn’t mean you can’t feel Christmassey.

5. Wear a Christmas jumper. A lot of people have casual days at work and some are lucky enough to wear what they want all year round. If you can, wear a Christmas jumper – it will help with the festive feeling.

6. Christmas treats. Take a mince pie in your lunch box or have some chocolates in the office. Christmas is all about the food so make the most of it. A few treats can help you get in the spirit and chocolate always makes life that little better.

7. Advent calendar. Having an advent calendar to open every morning can help put you in the festive mood. I suggest opening it before work, a bit of a chocolate first thing on a morning can be the temptation you need to get out of bed. Anything to help with those dark mornings.