Packing for a Christmas away

A lot of people visit their loved ones at Christmas and this year i’m also going away for a few days so for today’s post, i thought i’d share with you some packing tips and tell you what i’m taking with me. I’ve already planned my Christmas outfits so i might also tell you what i plan on wearing on the big days too. I can barely contain my excitement for Christmas this year, i mean it’s the same every year but i’m looking forward to the time off work now and really getting into the festivities.

Let’s start with some packing tips:

  • Make sure you pack plenty of options. I know some people say pack light but when you’re with other people, you might find yourself doing things you hadn’t expected. For example a last minute trip to the pub or going for a festive walk. You also can’t predict the weather and if you’re away from your home and the snow hits your trainers probably aren’t going to cut it. I know you don’t want to take a truck load of things with you but include a few versatile bits and pieces in the case so you’re ready for every eventuality. If you really don’t want to take a suitcase full of options, try and plan your trip before hand to narrow down how much stuff you need to take.
  • Pack some homey bits. As nice as it is to be with loved ones at Christmas, it can be a bit rubbish being away from your cosy, festive home. To make sure i don’t miss home i make sure i pack all my favourite things; whether that means taking my slippers with me or just packing my extra cosy pjs. The little pieces that help make you feel at home are vital when spending such a special time away.
  • Leave space in your case for presents. If you’re going away and exchanging gifts you’re probably going to be coming home with more than you’d planned. Make sure you leave room to pack any gifts – that might be a bit contradictory if you read my first tip haha. I just take a massive case so i can fit in all my stuff and extra presents.
  • Plan your outfits beforehand. There’s nothing worse than packing a bunch of clothes and then realising that one pair of boots you decided to take just doesn’t go with anything.
  • Cut back on shoes. Take a couple of pairs of versatile shoes with you. Shoes are the most bulky items so be wise when packing.
  • Take extra items. The weather is unpredictable and i’ve been left snowed in at the family’s house before. Luckily i always pack extra so it didn’t matter that we had to stay a few days more. I always recommend packing a few tops and underwear pieces more than needed.

My suitcase:

I’ve going away for 2 nights so here’s my packing list:

  • 2 pairs of different coloured jeans
  • Underwear (we don’t need specific numbers but it will feature Christmas socks for the big day)
  • A dress
  • 4/5 jumpers (probably four, realistically five)
  • PJs (new ones for Christmas Eve, i reckon 1 pair will do)
  • 3 tops (layering plus in case it’s too warm and we’re having a homey day, i don’t want to feel obligated to sweat in an oversized jumper)
  • A nice shirt/top
  • Boots (i’m going to resist a second pair… really i am… pretty sure)
  • Another pair of shoes
  • Coat
  • Make up bag and 2 palettes
  • Straighteners and travel hair dryer (you need your own hair stuff)

I think that’s it but as it’s a bit early to pack my case yet, i’m not 100% sure. I always sneak a few other bits and pieces in but i think that’s probably all the clothing items.


Ok i’ll give you a sneak peek at what i’ll be wearing this Christmas.

Christmas Eve

I’m going to wear black super skinny jeans and a white printed long sleeved shirt with heeled boots (not sure which boots though yet). I think if we do go to the pub, it’ll probably be on Christmas Eve so i’m going to wear a nice classy shirt that’s a bit more versatile. I think this will be a good day to night look.

Christmas Day

I haven’t got a Christmas jumper that i love this year (i finally found one i liked and it had sold out in every size that wouldn’t look stupid on me) but i did buy another new jumper that looks kind of festive. It’s navy with a subtle pink fairisle style print and it’s so cute and adorable. I’m going to try and save this for the day as well so i’ll be excited to wear it but we’ll see. I’ll probably need to wear it before. I’m going to wear this with blue super skinny jeans because blue jeans are a bit more casual and homey. I’m also going to wear new Christmas socks, i’ve bought a few pair so i’m not sure which i’ll wear on the actual day yet. I don’t think i’ll be leaving the house on the day itself but if i do i’ll probably slip on a pair of boots.

So that’s today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and i’ll see you again tomorrow.