New Christmas releases: Film reviews

I love a Christmas film so when i saw a couple of new releases advertised at the cinema, i was straight in there booking my tickets. There’s been a lot of amazing Christmas films over the years so for new films to even come close, well it would take a lot. So this year i have been to see Bad Santa 2 and the Office Christmas Party. Both are very different seasonal films and i thought i’d share with you my thoughts and do some mini film reviews.

Bad Santa 2


I hadn’t seen the first film before going to see this but hey if a Christmas film is at the cinema, i’m there regardless. I didn’t love this film but a lot of other people did. There were some who screeched out loud in the cinema at how funny this was. I think the humour was very dry so if that’s up your street then this film is probably for you.

I don’t really know how to describe the basis of this movie. It’s about some thieves, i guess, who hatch a plan to work for a charity that collects money during the holidays in Santa costumes in the hope they can steal all the money. Not your most Christmassey plot but the festivities come from the Santa Clause costumes and the time setting for the film. I know the description doesn’t make this film seem like a comedy, it sounds like a crime drama – the comedy element comes from the character’s stories. The character’s are best described as Jeremy Kyle rejects. They’re an odd bunch, to say the least, but they’re key to the film. I smiled at this film, i thought it was ok, i’d probably watch it again somewhere down the line but if i’m honest this movie wasn’t my type of thing. I’m also for comedy Christmas films as you will see from the next review but the humour was too dry for me to appreciate.

Office Christmas Party


I loved this film, it was one of the funniest things i’ve seen this year. It also has Jennifer Aniston in and that woman cannot make a bad film. She’s just a goddess who kills it all the time.

So i would describe this film as a cross between Hangover and The Family Stone. It has the festive element, it has the rom com side to it but it’s also laugh out loud hilarious.

It’s about a guy who is trying to keep his business from being closed down by his sister. Their dad has died and his sister has taken over as the CEO of their national company. The sister is closing down loads of under performing branches within the company and due to tensions with her brother, is also looking to close down the branch he inherited. The brother who looks after the branch is a bit of an immature joker who likes to spend lots of daddy’s cash doing stupid stunts but he hatches a plan to try and save the company, including throwing the biggest office Christmas party. Things get messy and hilarious and my description isn’t doing the film justice at all.

It’s actually hilarious and while it’s not your traditional festive film, it’s something different that i’d definitely recommend you give a watch. I think if you like a laugh and you liked Hangover and Bridesmaid’s the film will be up your street.