This or that: Christmas edition

I don’t really do tags on my blog anymore, i don’t like that type of content, but i don’t even know if this is classed as a tag. It’s an idea i had myself and i’ve chose my own ‘this’ and ‘thats’ so i guess its acceptable? I don’t know, who cares, let’s get into the post. I hope you learn more about my Christmas faves from this little quiz.

Real or fake Christmas trees

I have an artificial tree but i’ve always dreamt of a real tree and i’ve never had one. Having said that i think once i’ve had a real tree once i won’t have another. I prefer the idea of fake trees, i can put them up early, i don’t have to worry about them dying and i think unless you have a very large home, real trees look a bit out of place.

Heroes, Celebrations, Roses or Quality Streets

This post now has me excited, you mention chocolate and i’m all in. Prepare for the essay. Right i can rule Celebrations and Roses straight out, i haven’t got time for any of those. They’re not worth mentioning. I like Heroes, i like cadbury’s chocolate and i like everyone of those little gems in the tin but when you compare them to Quality Street’s they aint got shit on them. QS’ are the bomb. They’re amazing and now the crappy toffee one has been replaced by a sexy little honeycomb ┬ánumber they have no faults. I like every little one of those. I think my fave is the fudge and then the green triangle, oh but the caramel and the orange crunch… oh you get the picture. QS wins hands down!

Beads or tinsel

Is this a real question, s’all about the tinsel. How can you have Christmas without cheap, tacky tinsel.

Wrapping paper or gift bags

I’m all for wrapping paper. I am shit at wrapping presents but i love it. I love buying quality wrapping paper in the most stylish prints. I often make sure my paper matches my Christmas tree theme because i am just that sad. The only time i would ever consider a gift bag is for a bottle of wine but i would never buy wine as a present.

Coloured or white lights

White lights always. I think coloured lights are nice for outdoor decorations but they wouldn’t get anywhere near my tree.

One big gift or lots of little presents

I can’t do one big gift, no matter how expensive the gift was it wouldn’t feel enough. I’m all about a two minimum so i generally go for a medium size present and a few smaller extras.

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

I thought this was a stupid question because surely you can’t beat Christmas Day but i guess on Christmas Eve you still have that eagerness whereas that’s it when you reach the 25th it’s done and dusted. I’m still all about Christmas Day though.

Presents under the tree in advance or the night before

Always in advance. The tree looks empty having nothing underneath. I love seeing the presents scattered sporadically underneath, it adds to the magic. It’s also a relief that your shopping is done.