Christmas viewings

Today’s post is a look at my favourite things to watch at Christmas time. I’m talking TV Christmas specials, movies and programmes i always tune into. Let’s get started:

Christmas TV

I always buy the Christmas edition TV guide, get a pen and circle everything i want to watch throughout the festive season. It’s a bit of a tradition although to be fair i never watch hardly anything on my list. I always circle the Christmas movies and every year i record Love Actually and The Holiday. It’s not Christmas until you see Love Actually on ITV2 and boy do you have plenty of opportunities to watch it, i swear it’s on twice a week throughout December.

I used to watch Christmas Day soaps when i lived at home because my family love Cori, Eastenders and Emmerdale and something was always kicking off at Christmas. Now i live on my own i don’t bother with soaps but it used to be a tradition to watch those.

One of the things i always definitely watch and is my fave things to rewatch at Christmas is Mrs Browns Boy. The world stops when this is on TV and i have to be sat in front of the TV to watch this live. I love this programme.

Christmas specials

Gavin and Stacey and The Royle Family are my guilty pleasures at Christmas. I watch Gavin and Stacey several times and then i rewatch the series and behind the scenes specials too. It just needs to be done. I don’t think it’s as socially acceptable to admit to liking Royle Family, it’s terrible but brilliant and i really like it. Only at Christmas will i watch it though.

I also love watching my Friends best of Christmas DVD although I have friends permanently on record anyway and watch this all year round. It just never gets old.

I also like watching comedy shows at Christmas so Jason Manford and Alan Carr’s Toothfairy live are always things i watch too. I do love a bit of John Bishop too.

Christmas movies

The first movie i watch is Home Alone. That always kickstarts Christmas. I also love Elf, Arthur Christmas, Four Christmasses, The Family Stone, The Holiday, Love Actually, Polar Express and Nativity. They are the films i watch every Christmas without fail.

So they’re my fave festive viewing picks. I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be back again tomorrow.


I watch a lot of youtube throughout the year over Christmas and Vlogmas is my favourite thing ever. It’s one of my fave Christmas traditions so i thought it only right to share my favourite channels:

  • Zoella
  • Lily Pebbles
  • Tanya Burr
  • Niomi Smart – i loved that she did Vlogmas this year
  • Saffron Barker
  • Carly Rowena
  • Everyday Estee
  • Thatcher Joe
  • Ms Rosie Bea
  • Sun Beams Jess

I watch a lot of more – my subscription list is bloody longggg but they’re the ones i’ve watched the most this Christmas. Not necessarily in that order but Zoe and Tanya’s have been top of my list.

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  1. nat potter December 17, 2016 / 10:39 pm

    Really enjoyed this must be a potter tardition as I have just done same with my xmas tv guide x

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