The Seasonal Sunday Setting

It’s Sunday when i’m sitting down to write this and i’m having the cosiest day. With this in mind i thought i”d share with you my most perfect Sunday because i literally have created the best seasonal setting today.

Ok so the first and most important thing about my scene is having a roast in the oven. I normally opt for pork or lamb, with the latter being my favourite although today i’m doing beef. I am also cooking pigs in blanket, home made roast potatoes and i bought (sue me) some beef dripping yorkshire puds. There is veg too haha but i’m more excited for the meat and potatoes. Homemade roast potatoes (only if i cook them though) are my favourite food in the world. Well that and leftover roast meet in a Jalfrezi (that’s tomorrows meal yay). The house smells amazing, the heat from the oven is warming my heart and i just bloody love a Sunday roast. I make more roast dinners in the run up to Christmas because when the weather’s cold it’s make me feel all cosy.


Of course the roast is not enough to feel seasonal so i have the lights twinkling away on the Christmas tree. I love Christmas lights, they instantly make me feel happier and i love having my wrapped presents sat under the tree. Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year.

I’m constantly cold so when i’m at home i have the heating on full whack. The helps me feel even cosier. If i weren’t cooking a roast i would have candles lit too, i love a secnted candle but when i have a roast in the oven i don’t need anything to overpower that smell.

I have already enjoyed a workout today so my Sunday food consumption is guilt free. Bring on the biggest plate of roast dinner then.

I have been watching Christmas movies since early November but there’s still plenty to watch so i have a good movie on TV and i’m sat on the sofa in my slippers surrounded by soft throws.

This is literally my favourite Sunday setting so i thought i’d share it with you guys. That’s all for today’s post but i’m still going strong with blogmas so there will be another new post tomorrow. See you then.