Fitness goals 2017

I’ve adopted fitness in 2016 in a big way. I’ve gone from doing no exercise at all to a minimum of three gym sessions a week and doing 10km runs. I’ve transformed my lifestyle this year and i’m really happy with the impact working out has had. While i’ve achieved a lot this year, i still have a lot more i want to do and i thought i’d share with you my fitness goals for 2017. Once it’s published online it’s got to happen right…

  1. Maintain the minimum three gym sessions a week. This is part of my routine now, i can’t imagine life without the gym. Three workouts a week is really realistic and there won’t be a problem here. I actually want to do more but i’m committing to my safe three for now. I’m also switching gym in the new year too.
  2. Find a fitness class i am passionate about. I want to find a weekly fitness class i fall in love with. I used to love pilates so maybe that’s something i’ll look into although there’s a few other things i want to try as well. I don’t know, i want to find something i really enjoy and that can be another workout in my week.
  3. Spend more time in the weights section of the gym. I love weights and i love how strong I’ve got this year. I do want to better myself further however. I also want to tighten my abs and get more definition on my stomach. I’m getting there slowly.
  4. Add more variety to my workouts. This is partly why i want to find a class i love. I’m happy with the gym, I’ve reintroduced swimming ┬áto my schedule and i’m also happy with how running is going. I do want to add more variety to my workouts overall however and i think Janaury is going to be a very experimental month for me.
  5. Complete my half marathon. I’m terrified about this prospect but i’m also really confident and excited too. I have mixed emotions but i can’t wait until i can say i’ve done my first half marathon.
  6. Run more 10kms. I loved my first 10km and did it in a reasonable time (pfft modest much ;)). I want to get faster and do a few more of these. I actually already have two lined up for the New Year.

So that’s all i have on my list for now but i’m sure i’ll exceed my own expectations and do something ridiculous as well. I’m very excited to see what 2017 brings.