It was the week before Christmas…

One of the great things about starting your Christmas mid-November is that you get everything done and out the way very early on. That means you have nothing to do but relax and have fun in the run up to Christmas. I wouldn’t say my week before Christmas was particularly exciting but i enjoyed it and thought i’d share my memories online mainly for me to look back on next year but i guess so you guys can see what i’ve been up to as well. I also can’t believe that blogmas is almost over, tomorrow is officially the last post although there will also be one going live  on Christmas Day too. Anyway without further ado, i hope you enjoy blogmas post 23!

  • I was a mystery shopper. I actually blogged about this yesterday so you can read more about that here. I got to go undercover however with a spycam and have free food. It’s a hard life.
  • Festive food shop. I did my big festive food shop where i buy enough chocolate and alcohol to last throughout 2017. I normally do this a bit later but as i don’t need to buy any Christmas dinner stuff this year, i got in there early doors.
  • Double gym session. I went gym at 4.15am and i went again at 8.30pm. I love working out anyway but when you’re eating more than you should you have to counter the calories.
  • Unexpected all-nighter. I decided to have an early night and watch Love Actually but i fell asleep half way through the film and woke up as it finished. Waking up at 9.30pm full of energy is not great and i couldn’t get back to sleep. I was literally up all night which is why i went for a 4.30am gym session.
  • Ate my body weight in chocolate goodness. I had yule log and opened my tub of quality streets. Christmas came early and it made me feel festive and fat.
  • Took a half day for myself. I took a half day, ran some errands and just had some lovely me time. I believe everyone should take a half day for them, to just chill and catch up on life.
  • Went mini golf for the first time in ages. I hadn’t been mini golf since maybe the summer but i took some time out to go and it was fun.
  • Cracked open a free bottle of nice champagne. I got given a bottle of champagne and a bottle of prosecco this week; both were very welcome at my house.
  • Had my weekly nandos trip. Apparently i now have a weekly nandos, this is changing in the new year but for now i’m quite happy eating all the chicken.
  • Went to see the new Star Wars film. Much to my surprise i quite liked the last Star Wars film so i went to see the new movie. I also bought one of the Star Wars storm trooper cups because why not.
  • Got my Christmas nails done and got my hair dyed. Necessary Christmas prep. One of my favourite things to do each year is get my festive nails done. This year i’ve gone for red on my toes with silver glitter on one nail. I’ve gone for a silver foil style polish on my fingers – something different for me but i quite like it. The colour does make me think of the tin man from Wizard of Oz though.
  • Bought more new Christmas pjs. 🙂
  • Tried new Lush products from the Christmas range. I love Lush products at this time of year and this week i used a bath bomb i hadn’t tried before – Mistletoe. It smelt incredible but so do all Lush products. I’m using my Snow Fairy shower gel every day too because what else are you meant to wash with at this time of year?!
  • Watched Royal Variety, Sports Personality Of The Year and The Apprentice final. I sat down and watched these once a year programmes and it was nice to watch some live TV.
  • Went bingo. I love going bingo every now and again and this week i decided to go for a gamble at the gala. I love that alliteration.
  • I also received some really good news but we’re going to keep that under wraps. Just know it was a good week however.