A random faves

I haven’t done a favourites post in two whole months and i fancied writing one today so here we are – a little look at what i’m loving right now.


I know it’s January and most people are saving money right now but i like shopping. This month already i’ve had two little Topshop splurges. I’ve found so many nice things i like and i think myself and Topshop are going to be working on our relationship a lot more this year.

Boux Avenue

Another shop on my faves – new year, same me. I went and got remeasured at Boux Avenue recently and i’d forgot how great this shop was. So many gorgeous bra’s at amazing prices, i just wish there was one in Nottingham. My bank balance disagrees however.

Nude nails/ Long nails

Over Christmas i decided to let my nails grow and right now i’m loving long nails. I’ve always had long natural nails but i often go through phases of CBA where i can’t be bothered to keep up the maintenance so i trim them with the nail clippers and keep them short. It’s more manageable and a lot less effort. However i always grow my nails at Christmas so i can paint them lots of festive colours and despite the holiday season being over, i’ve carried long nails into the New Year. I’m currently loving long nails and having fun painting them. Right now my ultimate fave is nude nails so much so that straight from the salon i went and purchased a few new nude shades. I don’t think i’m going to tire of this shade for a while yet.



I was always a white wine/cider gal although over Christmas me and prosecco spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other. It made sense then for it to have a place on my faves list.

Ashley Tisdale/Vanessa Hudgens duet

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this. I have annoyed everyone silly with replaying this but i love their version, i love their friendship and this is just amazing. It also takes me back to High School Musical… all the ‘awws’.

Sally Hansen Dri Top Coat

I’ve actually been painting my own nails lately because i found this beaut. This top coat makes your nails dry really quick, it makes your polish last longer and adds extra shine. I really recommend it.

Easter chocolate

Creme eggs, mini eggs, Oreo mini eggs… i’ve already eaten all of those and no i don’t care it’s January. Creme eggs are one of my fave chocolates and should be available all year round.