Working out at home: the benefits + my fave routines

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big believer in the gym. I spend so much time there it’s pretty much my second home. Having said that there’s a lot to be said about home workouts and this month in particular I’ve really got to grips with their ease and convenience – so much so here we are with today’s blog post.

So let’s start off with the benefits and why I’ve been sprawled out on the floor of my living room (on a mat obv).


This month I’ve been ridiculously busy and in the time it would take me to travel to the gym and back it’s been more worthwhile to squeeze a routine in at home. In fact that’s probably the greatest benefit of working out at home, you can literally do it any time. You can work around your schedule so if you have a spare 30 mins in the morning or after lunch, while it might not be enough to get to the gym it’s enough time to pull out your mat and burn some serious calories.

Home comforts

I hate showering and getting changed at the gym. I like my own shower surrounded by twenty thousand bath products that i can pick and choose when i want. I like getting out of the shower in the warmth of my home, putting my slippers on and spending far too long sitting in my towel. Point is i’d much rather go to the gym and shower when i get home. When you do a home workout you’re already at home so as soon as you finish exercising you can jump straight in the shower and i really enjoy that.

Try out new moves and routines

Some gym moves and routines are not easy to grasp, they’re not, and as a newbie trying to learn something a bit complex you will often make mistakes and look a little silly. That’s fine, it’s whats to be expected but one of the benefits of doing a home workout is that you can try those new things without being under the scrutiny of the ‘pros’. You can make yourself familiar with new routines and exercises so when you do go to the gym you feel comfortable. Home workouts are a great opportunity to practise in private.

No irritations

There will always be something at the gym that will irritate you, whether that’s someone sat socialising on the bikes, a lack of equipment, someone talking loudly on the phone or even the clash of the radio with your own headphone music. Gyms are often busy places and sometimes you just want your own space. Working out at home gives you just that. You don’t have to use headphones, you can take up as much room as you want and you don’t have any distractions.

You can watch football while exercising

Ok this is maybe the reason why i’ve skipped out on a few gym sessions, some of the latest Liverpool games have been on TV when i would normally go to the gym. Fitness is great and all but watching the football will always take priority. I’ve positioned my mat in front of the TV and swapped the gym for a few home workouts. Before anyone says why don’t you use the sky sports or BT apps just nope, i’m not one for messing about with them and my no thrills gym preference means that’s a no go too. I have actually enjoyed working out at home however so i’m not moaning.

I thought i’d also share with you a few of my favourite home workouts in this post. This was going to be a separate blog but i deleted it so it’s making a brief interlude here.

Carly Rowena’s video

Carly is a seriously hot woman and when she posted her youtube vid sharing her recommended home workouts of course i gave it a watch. I actually quite liked her suggested routines as well which is why i’m sharing her vid with you. I will say that i did customise her workouts to make them a higher intensity for myself but they are good routines in their own as well.


I’d forgot about this little app on my phone for a long time but this is my favourite go to for home workouts. I think it’s  a free app with paid for extras. You chose the type of workout you want and set the timer and then the app talks you through the routine. It shows you a video of each move, gives you breaks throughout the routines and tells you how many calories you have burned. You can also skip exercises and pause the workout at any time. I really like this and think this is a great tool for working out at home.