April Favourites

I’m not sure if i’m ready to start blogging again so i’m testing the waters with a casual favourites post. Let’s see how we get on, shall we…

Places In Nottingham

I’ve tried a lot of new places lately, new to Nottingham and places that are just new to me. Here’s a couple of my fave spots that i’ve been revisiting a lot.

Son Of Steak – This is the new steakhouse in Trinity Square Nottingham. I went to the launch of this, by accident – that was a really good night actually, and i’ve been back since. It’s cheap, it does a decent burger – i haven’t actually eaten steak there yet (lol) but i like this place. I like the food, i love the prices and i like the vibe. This is definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been before, it’s based where Harvester used to be in the city centre.

Fat Cat – I love Fat Cat. I’d never bothered with this place until recently but 2 4 1 cocktails got my attention and i decided to give it a go. In the pink is my drink order and while i do like to try new cocktails, i’ll always get two of these for myself whenever i go. In fact this is probably one of my most favourite cocktails i’ve ever tasted. Big claim.

Bierkeller – I really like this place. Some people think it’s overrated but the cocktail bar on floor one and the sports bar upstairs are actually quite nice places. I prefer to watch sports at home but i reckon i’ll be testing out the boxing on the screen there soon. The cocktail bar is a decent stop off on a night out, some great tunes and a decent drink.


I’ve done a fair bit of shopping recently, probably too much since half of my wardrobe still has tags on. I mentioned Topshop and Boux Avenue in my last faves and they are still up there on my list. I’ve actually bought half of these store’s stock lately so yeah that’s been happening. I also really like Zara at the moment, although that’s not new, and Kurt Geiger has seen me a few times lately also. I’ve probably shopped a bit in Oasis as well and i have a basket full ready to checkout on And Other Stories.


Ed Sheeran’s album has been a thing since i last blogged, it has been a while hasn’t it! I really enjoyed that and played it quite a bit when it first came out. I like Harry Style’s new song and i really like Issues by Julia Michaels too. I haven’t listened to much new music lately, i’ve been revisiting some old school classics on Spotify.


There’s been so much TV, Netflix and film stuff i’ve watched in the last few months that to be honest i can’t really remember. A couple of standout viewings however are:

13 Reasons Why – I really enjoyed this series. I have not made myself watch a full series of something in a long time so it felt like quite an achievement watching this Netflix series in a short space of time. A lot of people have spoke out against this portrayal of mental health but i think regardless of your opinion on the depiction, it’s done great things in highlighting an important topic.

Mind Over Marathon – This, again with 13 Reasons Why, has brought mental health to people’s attention lately and i really enjoyed this programme. I think some of the people on the show are really inspirational and i think their stories helped give life some perspective.

Car Share – I unashamedly like Peter Kay. I have a northern sense of humour that won’t go away and i thought his new series was hilarious. Episodes one and three had me choking with laughter – actually not an exaggeration.

Fast & Furious 8 – This, to me, was the best film in the franchise. I bloody loved this and went to the cinema multiple times to see this movie.