I’m Marathon Training…

Say what?! After bawling at the London Marathon and watching Mind Over Marathon, two things happened. One, i entered the ballot for London Marathon (duh) although i’m not disillusioned to think i actually stand a chance. Two, i started looking at other marathons for 2018.  Now once you start running and doing events  it is very easy when you see something online to get a little click happy. Well i may have got a little carried away and i signed up for a marathon… in 2017! Yep a few months to run distances i didn’t think i’d ever attempt… great idea Chels!

No, i’m actually glad i’ve done it because i want to push myself and see what i’m capable of. Obviously since i haven’t got long to train i won’t even be considering the time it takes me (this time round anyway). I just want to simply do the distance and have the experience (i’d say enjoy the experience but odds on that’s unlikely with such a short time to train ha). I actually prefer with distance running to do it first with no aim, so i can get rid of the wariness, prove i can actually do it, and set a target for future attempts. Providing nothing goes wrong and i don’t get injured, this marathon is going to do just that. I’m not putting any pressure on this, i’ve put a lot of pressure on previous events and things didn’t go to plan. I’m taking this in my stride and just going to do what i can, and i think that’s what i’m looking forward to the most. No expectation, just me pushing myself to my limits.

marathon training

Do you know what’s weird? At the start of the year i’d ran only two events, a 5k race for life and a 10k fun run. I hadn’t actually ever ran outside, apart from the two events, and i literally did no training for them, i was just in decent fitness from the gym. By the end of this year, providing nothing goes wrong, i will have started running outdoors on a regular basis and reached a distance of 26.2 miles. That is fricking insane! I’m proud of how far i’ve come and i’m excited to see what i am capable of. The focus for the rest of this year will be marathon training so reaching some longer distances and finding a steady pace. I reckon next year then i’ll try and focus on my timings. Right now it’s time to stop crying at slow chip times however (slight exaggeration) and focus on the fact i’m running stupidly long distances.

What i’m hoping to get out of my marathon:

  • No injuries – please!
  • Better running posture. Self explanatory really but you can’t speed through a marathon with your shoulders down staring at the floor. I want to really take this opportunity to improve how i run.
  • Breath control. I struggle with my breathing when i run and this often makes me stop sooner than my legs want to. I’ve learnt some tricks already but it’s still an issue especially at quicker speeds.
  • To find my own pace. Often i can adapt my pace to other people’s, well unless they’re like Usain Bolt level, but i still haven’t found my own natural pace. Marathon training is going to push me to extreme limits and i’m hoping it’s going to teach me a lot about my own running style.
  • To appreciate the support system and a great city atmosphere. I’ve run all my events with headphones in because i find it easier to run with a distraction. I mentioned in a previous post about how i think this detracts away from the enjoyment however and you miss some of the greatest running highlights. When you do an event the support system is incredible and so is the atmosphere. I’m throwing the headphones away and i truly want to take in those special moments when i do my marathon. I want to rely on the people to cheer me around and actually look up at the sights.