The Handmaid’s Tale

So you might have seen the Channel 4 drama called Handmaid’s Tale on your TV listings? Well it’s based on a book by Margaret Atwood and it’s actually one of my favourite books of all time. I did English Lit at A-level and that was one of the books on my reading list for my ‘Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature’ module. I read it and it fast became an iconic novel to me. I wouldn’t say i related to it because i don’t think that’s the right thing to say but it definitely struck a chord with me. I told all the important people in my life about this book and i lent my copy to someone. Now several years later it’s still not back on my bookshelf ┬ábut it remains one of my favourite reads. When i saw the series, i gave it a watch and while i thought the beginning was quite a good adaption of the book, it soon became apparent it had been tarted up for public interest. Still i loved it so i binge watched the series online – who the hell can wait a week for the next episode, please! I really enjoyed the series to be fair, it differed from the book and it’s annoying as hell how it finished (i don’t think it’s actually ended yet so better not say too much). Still definitely worth a watch. I have now recently bought the book again – annoyed that while the cover is aesthetically similar to my A-level book the cover now has a plastic sheen rather than the smooth matte finish i once had. I’m really excited to start reading it again though.

So this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written (legit) but i have a new laptop i wanted to trial and I’ve just renewed my domain so here you go.

If you haven’t seen the series, watch it but also make sure you read the book. It’s not a long book but it’s thought provoking and definitely worth a read.

*Btw Rory Gilmore stars in this Channel 4 series.