My Running Events 2017

This year has been a fail for running times. I have been so lazy and unfit and i haven’t fulfilled my potential. I was very annoyed at myself for a while but hindsight’s a great thing and as priorities change, i don’t really care now. It is what it is and they’ve set the benchmarks.

I feel like i should add (those fun disclaimers right) that i’d never judge anyone else running these times, i simply know what i’m capable of and it’s not good enough. I don’t believe people should compare themselves to others.

So to date this year i’ve done a few 5k’s, one 10k and two half marathons.

Sheffield Plusnet Half Marathon

This was just terrible, my worst ever run and the experience is slightly laughable now.  This was my first ever half btw.

The time (vom) was 2 hours and 9 minutes. I did one very slow 10 miler before this race, i did one 10k before this race and that was my prep. I also did one run in about three weeks before this event. So i hadn’t covered any distance or done any training and i was eating completely wrong in the week up to this event. I also did about 21,000 steps shopping in Meadowhall the day before. I was annoyed at the time but in hindsight i didn’t deserve to run any better.

My race got off to a bad start when i felt a stabbing pain in my side about 1/2kms into the race. It’s a 21km race for God’s sake so that was handy. I thought it was stitch and i’d set off too fast so walked, rubbed the area, stretched and well it just got worse. The pain continued until the next morning so i had to run/walk every mile in a lot of discomfort. Cringe. My feet also started to hurt about 5km from the finish meaning that although my side pain had become a little more bearable, running was agonising. When i finished and sat down, i realised i had blisters all in between my toes, underneath my toes and on the side of my feet. So that was great, i was limping for a little while. Turns out my pretty new Nike trainers weren’t so good for running.

So i hated running in the run up to my event, i had overhyped it and it became a chore to run. After nearly crippling myself in the event, i decided i didn’t want to run for a while so i had another five weeks off. As you do.

Nottingham 10k

I did a 10k as prep for my second half. My running club didn’t have a run that week so i signed up to this for practise. My half marathon was a week away and i had been a bit lapse so i thought i’d give it a go. I realised i was really unfit, especially running in the heat, and the time was a dreadful 52 mins. Running has been terrible this year. I also hate the course may i add, Nottingham runners will get it.

Derby Ramathon Half Marathon

So after Sheffield i couldn’t let that time be my legacy. I couldn’t so i signed up for a local half that wasn’t so far away. I was happy with this time, i should be running better than this but i felt comfortable when running for the first time ever. 10 miles felt effortless and i met a fellow runner who i knew of, but hadn’t really met, and we just ran together. It was really nice actually, he made the event for me. I’d done a few 10 mile runs before this event so i was more prepped although i hadn’t ran anything near 9 minutes miles over that distance. The last 3 miles i was done, i lost interest and i started to struggle. My time ended up being sub-2 – 1:58. A lot better and to be honest after the way i’ve been running i was happy with that. In hindsight i know i need to be doing better than that but the experience for me was much more so i wouldn’t change any of that.


We don’t need to pay much attention to my 5k times this year, bloody terrible but i started the year with a 23 minutes, 5, which i was happy with. When i finished i knew i had more in the tank too so once i get my fitness back and start focussing on sprints rather than distance i’m excited to see what i can get my 5/10k times to.

I have a few other events planned but i’m gonna take my running back to basics and do things a little differently over the next year, which i’m quite excited about.