Broken Bones & Making A Comeback

So in my running events post you will see i ran a sub-2 half marathon. It wasn’t the best time but it was a lot closer (still a long way off) to the times i should be running at – for distance anyway. In the months after that event i had training plans for a full marathon, my first full marathon, so it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to be running at that pace. However only a couple of runs after Derby i was sidelined with my first ever broken bone! LOLz at life! I’m not going to go into the ins and outs but the time frame for the injury, while they meant i would still be able to do the marathon i wouldn’t have had anywhere near enough training time. So i pulled out, leaving me a couple of hundred of quid out of pocket and a little bit annoyed.

The time i had off from running was actually pretty useful though, i learnt a lot during that time and i made some changes that really improved my lifestyle. When i first injured myself i went to the hospital and after talking to the doctors they said it sounded like i needed to give myself a break anyway. Ha, they obviously had no idea who they were talking to.

Anyway, while still broken i’m back on it and i’m starting to run again. Now i might not be doing my marathon but i am signed up for a half marathon in a months time. While i feel like i’ve gone back to basics a bit and my times going to be horrendous, this event was something i really wanted to do. I actually have friends running this event so i reckon it will be a slow fun run with them anyway. So four weeks, my bone may be healed or not, who cares, we’re doing this.

So i’m gonna blog a little about how i go from cripple to terrible distance runner… who’s in?! I mean tbf my first half i didn’t train for and while the experience crippled me, for this one i’m already starting crippled. I may also be adding another half marathon to my plate in the same week as well… so two half marathons, one week, maybe still a broken bone and a few other major projects under my belt while still maintaining the normal work-life balance! Hahaha let’s do this shit!