Pub Talk

I haven’t wrote a blog post (on my blog) in a while but i have a craving to write. I hope none of what you read makes any sense.

This was interesting.


Glamour Magazine are putting an end to their content as we know it. I don’t buy magazines that often anymore but every now and again i buy one of two publications. I decided to buy a magazine recently and the book that sits on my coffee table in front of me is Glamour. I’ve seen a few of my fave mags come and go and while it’s perhaps not surprising, it will be a shame. I know Glamour is staying around but their new chapter is something that holds no interest to me so i won’t look their way again now.

Do you know how hard it is to buy a pair of black boots when you’re not over the last pair. Very difficult. 17 physical shops later i found some online. Reading that makes the Glamour news seems more inevitable.

I’m a strong advocate of people, women in particular, taking themselves for a drink. I think it’s essential for self discovery and achieving contentment.

This was also interesting.

A good read.


What were Dove even thinking?