Pub Talk #4

Drunkorexia is now a thing.

People communicate more these days through their phones and apps, than in real life. Is this progressive or a sad truth of the world we live in? Debate to be had.

According to the researchers, the findings show that “the smartphone has truly become an extension of [young people’s] hands”.

Source: Independent

New charity initiative i believe in. Age UK

This was interesting. 

People should actually watch this:

It’s about time bullying stopped, the world is hard enough as it is.

This was cute.

Something else.

What is pub talk?

Pub talk is a round up of debates and content worth reading on the internet. It’s a series of things you might talk about when you’re in the pub with your friends. It’s recent news, it’s controversial opinions and it’s the only content i’m producing at the moment. It’s also my way of bookmarking things to refer back to.