About me…

People are complex and you should never be able to summarise someone with just a few words but hey, ‘about me’s’ are the norm so let’s give it a go.

I was a small town girl who got enticed by the city. I now live in Nottingham. If you want to know where i originated from i add a lot of T’s at the beginning of my words. I also exaggerate my R’s… apparently anyway, i’m getting good at hiding my accent.

I’m modern but i appreciate the past. I love the internet which is why i work in digital marketing and have my own blog. I also have a history degree.

I’m an all rounder – normally someone is either creative, sporty or scientific and you can usually tell their personality by which school subjects they preferred. I love to write, run and play with numbers – not all at the same time though, i’m not that talented.

I love food but the scales don’t like it when i eat anything with a calorie in it so i try to balance burgers with the gym.

I like shopping and getting my nails done but i’d choose a football game and a beer over a manicure anyday.

I don’t really fit a category or stereotype which is why this ‘about me’ probably hasn’t helped you learn much at all. I guess if you really want to find out who i am, you’ll have to do a bit more digging.

No one said life was easy… 🙂