I’m Marathon Training…

Say what?! After bawling at the London Marathon and watching Mind Over Marathon, two things happened. One, i entered the ballot for London Marathon (duh) although i’m not disillusioned to think i actually stand a chance. Two, i started looking at other marathons for 2018.  Now once you start running and doing events  it is very easy when you see something online to get a little click happy. Well i… View Post
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What makes you a runner?

At what point do you become a runner? When you’ve entered an event, when you’ve earned a medal, when you kit yourself out in professional gear, when you start covering longer distances… when can you officially class yourself as a runner? I think there’s certainly an interesting debate to be had here. Some may say you don’t become a runner until your first event and i can sort of understand… View Post
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What i’ve learnt from running…

So i guess this year i officially became a runner. I run events, i’m part of a community and i have medals and finisher tees. I’ve always been fond of shorter distances when it comes to running. I used to prefer 100m and 200m track events back in the day when i used to do athletics. It’s been weird transitioning to longer distances and it’s certainly been a challenge going… View Post
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How to keep going when you feel like giving up

At some point in life everyone will have a crisis of confidence and question the purpose of something they are doing or working on. Recently i had a moment of weakness and nearly withdrew my entry to my half marathon. My post Christmas fitness has actually been fine but my other priorities have prevented me from doing as much exercise as i feel the need to do. I put so much… View Post

My run day routine + prep

Most runs happen on a weekend and i think it’s important to start prepping at the beginning of the week. In order to make sure you have the nutrients you need, in order to make sure you’re at your fittest and in order to make sure you haven’t overdone it – you need the full week to plan your diet, exercise routine and rest days.  Some might say you shouldn’t… View Post